Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 06/18/2013 - 19:00.

This image shows the wall/roof structure of what may well be the largest "A" frame building in North America - designed by Joan E. Goody circa 1960 -  more images soon.  The building is used as the gymnasium at Camp Kenwood near Wilmot, NH.

An internet search didn't come up with any information on this structure, so I contacted Goody Clancy, the architectural firm with which Ms. Goody worked, and was informed that no one still at the firm was with the firm when the A-frame was built and the firm had no more information about the A-frame.

In my opinion, this building is a spectacular example of efficient, pragmatic, design and construction.  

 I have the uneasy feeling that the reason there is no record of the building on the internet is because a woman designed it and didn't blow her own horn.   If anyone has specifics about this structure - blue prints, construction material details (like what kind of glue was used to attach plywood panels to wood timbers), how trusses were raised, who was on construction crew, etc., please hit the "contact" link just under the banner image at the top of the Realneo.us home page and help record Ms. Goody's excellent work.




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Woman Architect

Thanks JB - fabulous image and I, too, would like to learn more about this amazing woman :)