For Frank Giglio: Demolition isnt the Ending

Submitted by jwobig on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 16:23.

My knowledge of Mr. Frank Giglio's historic property started from personal experience when living in Tremont. As I have moved to Cleveland Heights, my eyes are still focused on the events in Tremont. "Redevelopment" is a scarey word for those who live in Tremont, and need support by the City (police, fireman, and other services)... not demolition, more project housing, commercial buildings, or some other over priced townhome vomit for the imaginary flock of executives rushing into Cleveland.

These horrific series of events, are not only unbelievable, but appaling.

I have been writing a paper for a preservation law course, and will be expanding the paper into a thesis.

I am very sorry for these events, and hope that I will be able to find some kind of retribution from this mess.


Jessica R. Wobig

I have started a web community, for a historic preservation minded art/lecture series, which will also be a forum to push community ideas...

You are welcome to become a site member, and I will also be forwarding events... and other information as I get it.

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"imaginary flock of executives rushing into Cleveland"

well stated Jessica - welcome!

Young outrage

  It's good to see you here Jessica--please continue to post and thank you for your efforts to promote historic preservation at Ursuline. 

Not an easy thing to do at any age, but especially during the college years--so many other preoccupations :)