free museum in Cleveland ohio (and a good one, too)

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 09/03/2009 - 17:15.
free museum in Cleveland ohio (and a good one, too)

Boy this no-cost concept  for public education, civic amusement, or community entertainment has gone out of Style.

Our civic space has become totally prostituted.  

You pay about a half a C note to watch ads on the jumbotron at an Indians Wahoo Jacobs Progressive Gateway Corporate RICO mind control event.

Same at the Quicken Loan Arena. 

And lets not forget Roldo's favorites, the Lerhner's Browns FOOOOOOTBAAAALLLL !

The only time I would set foot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it was free.  The Cleveland Foundation loves the R&R and gives it lots of dough.  After my free visit, I would say the Rock and Roll museum is pretty hollow.  And, as a side note, I spoke with Buddy Holly and he agrees with ME!

All the above Corporate Rip Off venues are all designed to be wallet shoe horns - couched in a quasi-hemi-demi-religious manner.


Well, since they are all tax exempt - like churches, maybe they really do qualify as religions.  YES!

And we are the dumb sheep.....(actually, dumber than sheep, quite a bit dumber.)

How much longer will the Cleveland Museum of Art maintain free admission?

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Love the CMA photo

Jeff - did you take this? Great photo!

Disrupt IT

Legacy Cleveland Loves Realneo


 Yeah, the clouds in the FE EE sky posters cooperated with the clouds in the sky. But more importantly:
While I was tool’in around in the park getting different angles and trying to clear out-of-frame  the construction fence, Independence Excavating advertizing trailer, etc, I bumped into Timothy Rub, the new director of the Cleveland Museum of Art  eating a pickle and peanut butter sandwich on the same bench I was using as a steady rest for my camera in telephoto mode.
Mr. Rub has been following the HoJo’s demo on Realneo, and, (maybe because of the very bright and hot sun), offered – if the HoJo’s Realneo offices fell through (ie to the ground)  Realneo/Real Coop space in the old wing of the museum.  cOUGH Cauuf, to be honest I might have heard the word "basement".
So, I know I kinda jumped the gun a bit, but because of Mr. Rub’s offer, well that’s why I put the Realneo name on the front door of the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Dam the Basement, full speed ahead!
Realneo has arrived!


Pickles, peanut butter and potato chips

  The best all time sandwich--I am glad to see that Mr. Timothy Rub does follow this site and he shares my good taste in sandwiches.  It's a major validation.   Too bad he is leaving us for the City of so-called brotherly love.  The other great place I wish we would make work for us for strolling, recreation and people watching...maybe floating a paper sailboat or ice skating in the winter???  The lagoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cultural Gardens, East Blvd. and Rockefeller Park.