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What is is in certain people's make-up  that when they get up in the morning they want to go out and try to change the WORLD?

Are they a little bit crazy? How can they think they will make a difference on a street corner in a big city? (image in downtown Boston, Massachusetts)


Before I took this image, I had - by total coincidence - bumped into the fellow in the green hat about 3 or 4 times.  I first met him on a street corner, then I bumped into him on the subway, then I saw him at a local supermarket - and then I saw him again and took this image.

He spoke with everyone he sat next to on the subway - politely - and engaged them.  He got up early, and worked 'til late in the afternoon.   I'll bet he's a vet, probably a Viet Nam vet.  Boot camp trained.

Won't take no for an answer. Will leave no companion behind. Doesn't give a damn about the odds of success.  He's on a mission.  I respect his character.


Who can you think of here in Cleveland who have similar drive?


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I believe, JBuster

that one part is a sense of the larger world. A sense that life extends beyond the 5 or 25 feet around us, and that we are tethered to one another. When one part of us is sick, or damaged, and or doing damage, our needs to self correct is strong, and some people use that sense to try to make the world a better place.