Good morning Councilman Joe Cimperman I am writing you today in hopes of refreshing your memory of my son's murder in Tremont

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from the mother of murdered Tremont resident and CIA student Brandon Cartellone:

This is from a mom and the family of a young man that was murdered in Tremont. Police have done nothing in the past to solve the case. Anyone with any information please contact the police.

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January 13, 2016

Good morning Councilman Joe Cimperman,

I am writing you today in hopes of refreshing your memory of my son's death in Tremont, July 26th, 2011, and in hopes of getting you onboard with my continued efforts for Justice for Brandon.
You may not have known that Brandon was in the top two of his major of Industrial Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. He also held two internships and a job delivering pizza at the time of his violent death. Brandon loved Tremont and all it had to offer, and he was active in supporting that community, as well as greatly loved by hundreds of friends and family.

From the onset, I have been very proactive in the investigation of Brandon's murder. Last summer, I was provided with new evidence that could potentially lead us to the killer(s). This evidence is very specific in naming people who have stated in front of others that they did it. I am also told that not only do they still reside in the community of Tremont, but they are repeating similar crimes. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that this information has been ignored, and that you may have killers on the loose in Tremont that could be pursued and removed from the street.
Last summer, I presented this information to the newly appointed detective in charge of the case. He stated to me, " we just do not have the time to work on this stuff". Since then, he has not provided any proof of action and not returned any phone calls.
This last week, I launched a new effort to bring attention to the case with the hopes of getting a proper investigation. Thus far, I have received positive results from retired FBI Agent Dick Wrenn, the newly appointed Lt. Pillow, US Marshal-Pete Elliot, and the liaison to Chief Calvin Williams, Cassandra Bledsoe who graciously sat next to my son Daniel and I Monday night at the Cleveland City Council meeting.

I am aware of your plans to leave your position soon, and would love the get the interest and cooperation of who ever will be replacing you as councilman of ward 3. I will be attending the next Monday night City Council meeting and would love to meet you. Perhaps we could briefly chat further about how you could help us.
I thank you for your time in this effort.


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