Government out of control? Privacy and press freedoms under attack...

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 11/03/2014 - 15:05.

 It turns out that the police used the Ferguson unreast over the Michael Brown killing to get the FAA to issue a no fly zone - as it turns out specifically to preclude news helicopters.   Read more here at   

Meanwhile, the Post Office is photographing every piece of mail sent through their system and shares the images with local and other law enforcement and agencies.   Read more about this outrage here at

And the FBI created a fake on line AP article and a fake on line editon of the Seattle Times to find the IP address of those who clicked on the material.   Read more here at    Here at Talking Points Memo is a more detailed description of the FBI's AP deception.


 Mobile phone info across the US is being sucked up by aircraft according to this BBC report.

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So you have nothing to hide?Think again.J Ed Hoover was warped

 There are many folks who don't mind that the government and businessess are sucking up every click, every pc. of mail, every license plate image, every cell phone gps, every purchase, etc. etc.

These relaxed people explain that they "have nothing to hide", they are good people.   Let the government snoop. 

These relaxed people are ignorant fools. 

They may be good people, but how do they - or anyone of us - know if the people involved with collection/storage of their personal data are also good people?   Or what if the collectors are good people but their data gets hacked by  people who are bad people?

Years after he was gone as FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover is turning out to not be a "good person".   J. Edgar Hoover was a really warped and deviant person as newly released archives are bringing to light.  

The release of a newly discovered, uncensored 1964 letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., urging him, in graphic language, to kill himself....

Read more at news here.