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These guns were found on a 9 year-old boy and a 5 year-old boy-  purchased, in this case, I would have to assume, by a "parent." 

I would like to know: what merchandiser in CLE is selling this "toy."

I would have to assume Walmart - and surprise - out-of-stock :


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No Demo monies -no problem - TORCH!


Before subprime - before foreclosure crisis - Tremont was pioneered the good old-fashioned way - ARSON.  Budish can't keep lining the pockets of Cuyahoga County Land Bank demo companies that get their income stream through easy-money City of Cleveland Building and Housing department and Cuyahoga County bond monies. *POUF* It's going to be a hot, hot time in Gotham to clear out the "investment areas."


Here's a recent torch job on West 33rd. near Denison (commercial corridor) -one house already demo'd in historic district. (NOTE: Art House - which is behind this building)