This guy needs a beating threatening hero henry senyak some should be charged with a hate a crime - Update Keep-on Rocking

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we have to protect henry from the violent persons like this poster on keep-cleveland-rockin on facebook that would attack henry and me (i'm armed) and sophia will help guard henry and his great mother and henry owns guns also and joe cimperman or anyone of us that speaks truth to power - as we remember joes home was arsoned and i was attacked by catania and henrys car rear tail lite was hit by a bullet last year and the untold numbers of the disadvantaged that have been murdered and attacked threw the ages because of ignorance - sophia yoga honey and guy 

Galen Marten This guy needs a beating September 26 at 10:39pm  -

"I've helped shut down a dozen clubs all over the West Side," he says with pride. "I make people paranoid. I can recite code."- Henry Senyak. This link also via Clint Holley, who says Henry is "A real fun guy...". yeah, that's sarcasm.

‎"Right there." Dentist Heinz Mikota points a finger out the front window of his second-floor apartment overlooking Literary Avenue in Tremont, through the scrolls of the black metal grill he crafted himself.
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    Chey Sanders yeah... REAL fun guy! Proud of shutting down local business - Now that's something to strive for! Wanker!
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    Felicia Sheffield Anyone notice Senyaks BS comment in this article about 4 comments down??
    September 26 at 6:30pm ·
    Felicia Sheffield Tough guy. I believe someone has a power trip. Proud to shut down businesses, proud to be "called upon" for crap complainers. And, apparently...proud to take fall for the "acoustic level" suggestion. I am sure of course, that he is one of the apparent complainers himself. Whats going to happen to Senyak when all of Clevelands businesses are gone? I believe he will be out of his tough guy position, and then what?
    September 26 at 6:34pm · · 2 peopleLoading...
    Chey Sanders Unreal! Must be trying to make himself big d/t some other... ummmm... short comings! But really?? proud to shut down businesses and make people paranoid in an already depressed economy? now thats just plain low down and dirty!
    September 26 at 6:50pm · · 2 peopleLoading...
    Clinton J Holley He is on the board at Tremont West as director of economic development!
    September 26 at 7:15pm · · 1 personLoading...
    Chey Sanders Senyak is?? Wow! Thats scary! All I can find on the guy is that he watches night clubs with night vision cameras waiting for violations. Apparently, he is 47, lives with his mother and has nothing better to do!
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    Galen Marten This guy needs a beating
    September 26 at 10:39pm · · 1 personLoading...
    Dan Shramo Lets get him off the board as director of economic development first.
    September 27 at 1:28am · · 2 peopleLoading...
    Chey Sanders I wonder how, as director of economic development, he thinks shutting down clubs would benefit the local economy? Tremont used to be a crime-infested rat hole before the clubs and restaurants moved in... is that his vision for the future??
    September 27 at 9:53am · · 5 peopleLoading...
    Dan Shramo Like I said, it's time to challenge his position, if this is the kind of thing he advocates for, ousting him from his seat shouldn't be difficult. An economic development board doesn't need someone so hostile to local businesses.
    September 28 at 12:05am · · 2 peopleLoading...
    Matt Hunsaker I pray there's a hell for this rat of a man.
    September 28 at 1:43am ·
    Yo' B. Blinky As I said to someone else the other day (having read that article over the weekend) it sounds like whatever problems they are having in Tremont are those associated with bars in general, and have very little relation to live music or amplified music. Can't understand why music all over town is being made the fall guy for a few drunks' bad behavior in one neighborhood...
    September 28 at 6:06am · · 1 personLoading...
    Keep Cleveland Rockin' Take away any effective form of entertainment, and the bars are no fun. Bars are no fun, nobody goes. Nobody goes, bars shut down. Problem solved. In really, really, messed up manner.

    The worst part is that some of these places would not close for good. They would just move to other cities. Solves the problems of people living next to them, but gives them a whole new set to deal with. We've all seen what happens what businesses leave a city en masse. We've seen what happens to the neighborhoods. Many of you will remember what Tremont was like BEFORE all of the clubs, bars, and galleries came in. It'll be back to that, and the residents will all leave too.

    Not to mention, the forced flight of businesses from the city will take a huge number of jobs out side the borders, which will put yet another dent in our already sagging and decrepit tax base.

    Then there's the owners that are barely scraping by in this economy as it is. They will not be able to re-locate or re-build a business someplace else. They will just be done. Which might make some people happy. But in truth, this city can't really afford to lose any more jobs or businesses.

    September 28 at 8:37am · · 3 peopleLoading...
    Matt Hunsaker Also wouldn't this law hurt other blossoming bars that get traffic from music lovers, like The Beachland in Colinwood or The Happy Dog in Lakewood? Seems absolutely fucking insane.
    September 28 at 9:35am ·
    Matt Hunsaker Because if that's the case, Cleveland's incredibly strong and varied music scene would be murdered in cold blood.
    September 28 at 9:55am ·
    Ray Miller ‎@Matt-I don't think a Cleveland law would impact Lakewood.
    September 28 at 10:20am ·
    Matt Hunsaker Derp. Duh. Years of living here and I still can't get it through my head that LW =/= CLE. It's just on the cusp.
    September 28 at 10:30am · · 1 personLoading...
    Artie Lundberg Actually, if this goes through and if has the negative impact we fear could happen, I would think Lakewood would be the BENEFICARY of getting more people to play there, and can might even be able to pay you less cause there's more competition for few places to play. . .So Cleveland loses, musicians lose, the City of Lakewood and it's bar owners win. . . Why are the so many laws in the Cities of Ohio and Ohio itself that always like to find ways to make people leave!
    September 28 at 2:28pm ·
    Felicia Sheffield Matt, it is hard to keep that in mind sometimes. Especially considering most of lakewood is bordered by Cleveland streets. ;)
    September 28 at 2:31pm ·
    Felicia Sheffield Yeah but Artie, it would be hard for this to not eventually carry over into lakewood also. for it being as small as it is they could eventually go for similar actions. And most lakewood bars are not large enough to take on that much musical business. Other than McArthys and Malloys what else is there? That woudl be a large enough venue? I mean around the corner does live music, but its a super small stage and they are over priced.
    September 28 at 2:33pm ·
    Felicia Sheffield Harry buff isnt exactly built for a stage...I guess pacers could manage but again not that much room. There are plenty of bars but is there room within those bars to allow room for the large fan base of some bands?
    September 28 at 2:36pm ·
    Artie Lundberg Wow this article explains a lot. . I post a tome to it. . I love the way Mr. Senyak in his comments tries to suggest it was his idea to allow for "acoustic music". . who the heck suggected any music be "banned" in the first place from Tremont. This article also makes it clear to me this is not just about dealing with NOISE, they would be too easy, they want to stop a certain number and type of people from coming to some of these places altogher so only the "right" kind of people will visit. . those would be people how only like Art Gallaries and Lattes. . Some of us that and more, you know!
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    Keep Cleveland Rockin' Felicia, there's a lot of live music in Lakewood. Put-in-Bay bar, Around the Corner, McCarthy's, Malloys, The Winchester, The Rush Inn, Bobby O's, The Hi-Fi, and my personal favorite Lakewood venue- The screaming Rooster. All fo these have live music now, and are far frm the only ones.
    September 29 at 9:06am ·
    Keep Cleveland Rockin' By the way, for one of the comments above- The Happy Dog IS in Cleveland, not Lakewood. Corner or 58th and Detroit. Right up the hill from the Parkview Niteclub, another fantastic live music spot.
    September 29 at 9:07am ·
    Felicia Sheffield Ah I always forget about the east end of lakewood!!! So used to the west end! I also forgot about all the ones right at the CLE/LKWD border (breakfast club, phantasy, the chamber, etc). Parkview has been a classic for live music, would be really sad for every single venue, let alone parkeview.
    September 29 at 9:14am ·
    Felicia Sheffield Honestly, if things go down in the way we fear, I see lakewood following close behind. Lakewood has just as much retail and homes in distance of these places as the "targeted" areas of Cleveland do. I fear a trickle down affect. It is to close in proximity to not catch on. HOWEVER, lakewoods only saving grace is that they have been known for many, many years for their diversity and their arts more so than said areas of Cleveland have been. Cleveland unfortunatly, is only just begining with that diversity and already problems are on the rise.
    September 29 at 9:18am ·
    Artie Lundberg Parkview is a great example of a place that's sole reason for being open is for music. . and while I don't know for sure, I can't imagine it will not be required to apply for a "conditional use". . .and I can't imagine it will not fall inside one of the "factors" that then let's the Zoning Board of appleals put what ever conditions it wants to grant the CUP. . .this is sad. . . it's almost like now the city is in a place to say .. DO ALL this (whether relating to noise of not) or else I will stop you from pursuing your livelyhood. . . Sounds like a "taking". . .
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    Ever wonder what happened to the Starkweather? These people killed it, and now they are trying to take the measures city wide. Another link via Clint Holley, who asked "Any of these requirements look familiar?". I used to think this was minor misunderstanding from people who really didn't get how these businesses work. Now I know it's intentional pandering to an extremist special interest group.

    The Plain Press is the Community Newspaper Serving the West Side Neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio.

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    Dan Shramo The agreement with the Starkweather doesn't seem unreasonable for the circumstances of that particular establishment. It's much different when you start proposing blanket laws over everyone. Then it's not really an agreement. which that link is. It's a bureaucratic nightmare.
    September 27 at 1:33am · · 1 personLoading...
    Dan, the agreement with the Starkweather is shown as an illustration of what kinds of things are now being proposed for an entire city. Do I think the agreement with one club was unreasonable? Yeah, I do. Especially considering that afte...r it was signed by all parties, and abided by by the club, the neighbors pushed it into being shut down anyhow.

    It's just an illustration to show what kinds of things are deemed reasonable and acceptable by the people behind the current proposed legislation. If it didn't make them happy with one club in their backyard, how's it gonna make them happy to put the clamps on an entire city?See More

    September 27 at 9:40am · · 1 personLoading...
    Dan Shramo I'm not disagreeing with you. That's why I spent 3 hours yesterday calling the members of the Cleveland Council to ask them to oppose the proposal.
    September 28 at 12:04am · · 1 personLoading...


    Good Afternoon:

    I just wanted to touch base with you again today. I will again link the most current postings from Facebook later or you can just view them at this link.



    I received a email today from a reporter who has following this matter. In a subsequent phone call I was told that I am going to be targeted as Public Enemy No #1 by these musicians and hospitality business owners.


    It was also brought to my attention that Clinton Holley is the alleged husband of Bonnie Flinner owner of Prosperity Social Club. I was also told that they are spreading the word to other operators that I am crazy. I find that disappointing. It was also clear statements were made that I have been trying to close down her business since 2007.
    With full disclosure, I provided technical opposition to a variance Ms. Flinner and Prosperity was seeking to legalize their use. This was in 2007. The Board of Zoning Appeals allowed me to testify, even allowed me to cross-examine Ms. Flinner. But when I requested that BOZA call City Inspector Rufus Taylor, who was present to testify in this case I was subsequently denied and silenced. So I felt strongly that BOZA violated my rights. Understanding I had some legal remedy's at my disposal I filed a Administrative Appeal
    via Cuyahoga County Common pleas against the City of Cleveland and BOZA. I did not name Ms Flinner or Prosperity in this case. I always felt that I needed to wake up the City of Cleveland to finally take this matter seriously. The City of Cleveland had to defend this because their Zoning Board was the ones involved in the decision. Ms. Flinner intervened into this appeal at her own free will and spend significant money defending this case when the City of Cleveland had to do this as the defendant.
    Ms Flinner's attorney wrote on page 13 on a reply brief.
    {Mr. Senyak routinely seeks public records requests investigating local businesses and files 'Citizen's Complaints" for any technical violation he can find in what can only describe as a vindictive desire to force businesses in Tremont neighborhood to cease operating as a going concern. Mr. Senyak's reign of terror should not be tolerated by this Honorable Court}
    I am sorry that Ms. Flinner and Mr. Holley are holding a grudge for something that happened close to five years ago. Even though I knew personally I did not have standing under the law I felt compelled to proceed and spend thousands of my own dollars to make sure the City of Cleveland would take changing the existing laws seriously.
    When Councilman Joe Santiago made a attempt to create a committee in 2007, I was asked to participate. Councilman Santiago stacked these meeting with all owners including Ms. Flinner. No other citizens participated and the Cleveland Police would not even attend because of Joe Santiago. To recently quote the Plain Dealer in the Mitchell's Ice Cream Story in the old Moda space "Bar Booster" in reference to Joe Santiago
    One day within the committee Ms Flinner and I broke out into a argument. This was both of our faults and was unprofessional. But Ms. Flinner made statements that I did not matter. My Block Club does not matter. I took this quite personal. I reside close enough with other neighbors to have a opinion. Plus BOZA allowed my testimony. Since Joe Cimperman in 2008 committed to holding committees I have advocated many proposals Ms. Flinner put forth. Most of the Licensing section written by Chief of Staff Ken Silliman in the current proposal was based on her ideas of revoking licenses for bad operators. Ms. Flinner did not participate in the new committee, but did participate in the public hearings at the City Planning Commission and at the only truly public meeting to date at NOACCA in 6/20/11 with Director Bob Brown that had a 50-50 mix of concerned residents and business operators.
    I am personally disappointed that this is now why the publicity has been so negative on this matter six months after the legislation was read into City Council. Why Now?
    I applaud Ms. Flinner and have always public stated that Ms. Flinner operates a first class business. I would continue to publicly state this.
    You will see on the facebook site that today the musicians are attacking the outdoor patio portion of the legislation. Do they realize that Ms. Flinner agreed to terms of her own specific block club in Tremont to limit her patio to no live entertainment, and to shut off outdoor speakers at 12AM? (See attached)
    I have also attached violation notices for Prosperity, and two complete nightmares La Copa, and El Tropical. You can see the issue plainly, the City Building and Housing has to cite them same way. Yes, unfair. Now you see the real problem. This then becomes selective if quality operators do not have to play by the same rules.
    My part in this now twisted play was always to see the City of Cleveland change the laws to protect the quality of Life. The mere fact the City and all but two Councilman Cummins, and Cimperman have chose to remain silent shows that what we have try to do and be transparent and fair about from day one is in jeopardy and become just mere politics.
    I am sorry that this issue is now going to cloud my abilities to advocate for this cause and I am asking each of you to step up. Everything I have every attempted to have done was for my neighborhood and community at large. If you Google search me you will see a proven track record of advocacy for the people and my City.
    I have available all transcripts and pleadings if anyone wants to review them. 
    Henry P. Senyak







     From: HSENYAK [at] aol [dot] com



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    faith based non-profit corporation no. 389646, 501(c)(3), SINCE 1965,


    questministry [at] att [dot] net



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