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Today I received a call from someone I do not know informing me that my new name in the community is "Hatemonger."  This individual claimed to be my secret friend who had access to information and communications transpiring among some of those up in arms that I ask for fairness between the business owners and the residents.  I was informed that the dubbing of this title came as a result of my investigating and asking questions on the possible corruption, kickbacks and the favortism being doled out by the leadership in the neighborhood.  

In April, 2009, I read a flyer that I believe came in the Plain Dealer which advertised a Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the Tremont, $125.00 per night, at 716 College Avenue.  I thought nothing of it until I received a couple of calls from other residents who had read the same flyer and ask if there were permits.  I checked and saw no application for permits.

My sister had an opportunity to speak to a truck driver making a delivery at this location who provided her with some information that this indeed was a delivery to a new business of a bed and breakfast.  Again, no big deal.  Over the past weekend, I received another call from a resident informing me that this residence was indeed being rented out as a bed and breakfast due to the fact that they knew the individuals who had stayed and again, I checked with Building and Housing and no applicaton for the proper permits had been applied for or issued. 

In noting the requirements for providing sleeping accomodation I passed the info along to Henry Senyak and ask that he inquire of Sammy Catania since Mr. Catania seems to be in the know of who is establishing certain institutions in hopes that encouragement would be made to rectify the situation.    Now, I am on a number of shit lists again. 

How can an individual represent or attempt to represent a community if equal and fair expectations cannot be made.   I really appreciate today's caller for while I have no objections to a bed and breakfast, in all fairness, there needs to be certain inspections by the health and fire departments to insure safety for the patrons which would inturn protect the owners of this type of business as well - which would really add to the clout of the neighborhood. 

It has been long apparent that it is only if  you play the "Simon Says" game in Tremont, that you are a worthwhile member of the community but as soon as you expect everyone to be on the same page, you are a no-account, worthless, good for nothing, piece of shit, low life, hatemonger. 

There was also some reference made to drug dealers in close proximity of 716 College and I have also heard these allegations but a check of County Records show that the house in question was recently purchased by Tremont West Development Corp. (2406 Professor LLC) and the new renters were moved in by TWDC - this is a police matter.  Another call for Sammy.




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Would like to clarify -

Would like to clarify - instead of today's caller being unknown - caller did not identify themselves - only to say that they thought I should know what was being said and by whom.

B& B's need zoning OK and definitely fire safety check list OK

Hello Jerleen,   Here is my vote of confidence in your  civic work.  Your interest in seeing that zoning and permit by-laws are abided by is in everybody's interest.  And may save lives.   Not to mention equitable under the laws.

best, jeffb

is it

 high school yet???

sorry they're so sophmoric... and Buster is right - as are you - their games do not benefit the community.

Jeff, Thanks to both you and

Jeff, Thanks to both you and Debra for your words of support.  On days like today, it really means a lot. 

Extend a hand

  Knowing what you know, Jerleen, and what Henry knows about the ins and outs of licensing in Cleveland, I hope that you can move beyond today's bad vibe and help the person you mentioned to get the necessary paperwork and standards approved.  We sorely need investment in our neighborhoods.  Unfortunately, it's often the well-intentioned entrepreneur who gets walked all over by the heavy hand of the machine here in NEO. 

That said, as I am often the messenger--I can relate to your situation of being portrayed as the "bad guy" very much today.  I hope that this finds a quick resolution and everyone wins in this scenario. 

Unfortunately, I don't think

Unfortunately, I don't think that this individual is going to be receptive to my suggestions since they believe and have enough adding fuel to t he flame that I am circumventing their new business concept venture now called "Bed NEAR Breakfast."  Regardless of the fact that providing any type of sleeping accomodations requires certain inspections and permits.

For some reason in Tremont a large number of "law abiding" citizens are of the opinion that they are entitled to free passes inasmuch as they think they are afforded the opportunity of practicing operating businesses  to see if they are going to work before they become compliant.  They have blinders on in that this does put them in the catagory of breaking the law.  Breaking the law is breaking the law yet, they still like to climb upon that pedastal and point fingers at us with our names once in the system.

Last month I attended the meeting at Post 58 on Professor wherein Trafic Commissioner Mavec and Councilman Cimperman were present and  I pushed the issue of some type of safety traffic regulator speed control needed at the West 7th and College intersection and followed up with a letter to Commissioner Mavec.  Since that time the Commissioner came down here and took a look and found that there was a need for some type of speed control.  At another meeting last night,  a follow up meeting, I again approached Commissioner Mavec and the Councilman and it was agreed tha before the meeting in October, some type of speed control and safety mechanism would be installed at this intersection.  I wonder if that qualifies me as a hatemonger even though it is clearly in the best interest of pedestrians and children crossing the street.




another dangerous intersection -

Starkweather/Jefferson/West 10th.

If a pedestrian crosses Starkweather, there is no way to get across Jefferson in the same light sequence. They have to wait another entire cycle. There is limited sight distance on traffice travelling east on Starkweather and those cars fly through that intersection.

It is also a pedestrian high traffic crossing because Tremont Elementary is right there.

Would it not be within our goal to encourage pedestrian friendly areas to re-evaluate this intersection? (btw Samuel, this is a MUPPD issue - basic stuff you should be learning?)

Well, Speeding on

Well, Speeding on Starkweather was also discussed but I think it was down by Professor.  Samuel was present but he and Chris Garland left before the discussions got off to a good start.  he also left alst month very early as well.

I do know that Professor, Jefferson and West 7th are all in for some changes that will assist speed control - exactly where all the places are I'm not exactly sure.  Coming to the next meeting in October will help in designating exactly where the problematic areas are.

Right now I am focusing on West 7th and the Round about on West 14th Street as well as pushing for the proper signage replacement at many intersections in the Tremont community as per the April 2009 Plain Press Article .  Henry is also keeping track of the signage progress.