have gay folks taken over tremont? meeting

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  have gay folks taken over tremont? meeting

well i guess i'm not gay enough - although i'm straight - david  mehring sounded like he was fighting with his lover when he told me to shut up or i make you leave - he said he didn't want to hear any of my comments that angel cuevas, of angels auto repair and towing has been harassed by tremont west for years although angel works with law enforcement city state federal 2nd district and great hector cuevas is past commander of the 2nd district cleveland police and now the deputy chief of police and angels brothers are two of clevelands finast police and angel repairs folks cars and helps many folks and youth and i was telling david and about 40 others attending the 2nd annual safety retreat today at merrick house that you all should reach out to folks like me and angel that speaks truth to power and not attempt to punish or destroy us or harress us as franks house was demolished and i was banned from tremont leaders yahoo group and tremonter and ohio city yahoos group and other civil rights violations - POLITICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX -because some gay straight corrupt greedy pay to play racist etc. don't want to hear truth to power- and not one person spoke up to say let guy speak as i told david you can't make me shut up and i won't leave this public invited form as sammy catania was video taping us and so was i with my secret spy camera- so whats the moral of this story- don't be an agent provocator towards guy etc., - freedom of speech - gay people shoud not be biased towards straight people - don't harress good angel cuveas - don't make sure guy isn't elected to tremont west board as is the agenda that dave mehring showed -

" the slash and burn -  take no prisoners - anything goes
is so corrosive to our democracy and we've got to
fight this because it turns people off politics in general
and leaves that space to be occupied by special interests
that determine how the goodies are to be passed out...."
barack obama,  nov. 23, 2004




The tale of two Tremonts continues - I received a call from Guy Templeton a bit ago - giving me a briefing on the Safety retreat at the Merrick House this morning and how he felt that not only was the meeting a wash but that Sammy was there with a video camera and that this time it was the story of TWO TOM CATS - WITH THEIR TAIL TIED TOGETHER - between Guy and Dave Mehring. 

Now come on folks - Guy has lived in Tremont 65 years - he knows every street, alley and walkway like the back of his hand.  He knows where all the old buildings used to be and what they looked like - he's been poor all his life - he has the documents, a lot of which are in his bio submitted to TWDC, to back up his works in the community.  So, he's a bit colorful - he gets excited - he get's worked up - most people don't know that many years ago, while out on his "neighborhood watch" he and his dog Rusto saved a man's life in Thurman alley (the man had been shot and left) if I'm not mistaken there was a write up in the pd about it) - he isn't afraid to speak up for the poor - he's not afraid to get on the phone and dig up donations and get others to help. 

I'm sad to see how a lot of people in this neighborhood treat an elderly gentleman just because he's different, or doesn't think the way everybody else does - you got to remember, he been there - all the new comers in this area will never be where Guy has been - or know the life Guy has known - where's your respect?  As far as safety - if I was out there on the streets, and in trouble or my life was in jeopardy - I would only hope that Guy Templeton Black and Yogi Bear would be the two out there walking around.

Get it together, GUY IS A TRUE TREMONTER  by all rights - if you don't like what he writes, don't read it - but give the man his dues -

You know that disability has no age limit, no gender, no color, doesn't care if your rich or poor - and drops in like a thief in the night - something all of us must consider.

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dude, you ever hear of punctuation?

just askin.


Why is "questministries" spamming an otherwise newsworthy website?

Why can't this poster make his point in 1 paragraph?

probably for the same reason

you have no social graces.

you'll need to work on that if you really do "dwell in the city", sweet pea.... 

social graces and grammar

there is a difference- from a city dweller who took english 101. sweeeeeeet pea. All the free comedy daily from HomophoneHome CaptFearQueer Quest is hilarious - run on, you crazy sentence crusher!  - ps how's that for social, grace ?

stepping in it means also stepping on it

this has become meanspirited target practice and there's an unfortunate fraying of mental health here, plus it comes primarily from someone who vocally makes it clear that he likes to carry a gun.

at this point a little humility from everybody is a really a necessity. There's been an open acceptance of people being allowed to just rail on each other and that tends to ultimately have bad railroading consequences.

Is it so "real" to spend time this way?

Real people are expecting real humanity

I heard some real humility, the other day. My parents, who have owned the same house in Shaker Heights for 45 years, were, in the mid-1960s, asked to a meeting of their neighbors, called by one of our neighbors who had just bought a second house on our street that was for sale and that a black family wanted to purchase. Our neighbor wanted our other neighbors to pool money together to pay him back for the house to keep out the blacks, and then sell to a white family instead, and all our neighborhood but my parents and a few other families from outside "Cleveland" participated in this racist act. And I grew up with these racists, never knowing... and they were the leaders of business and industry here...

That is unreal NEO. So when we talk of humility, here, we need only look a stone's throw away to realize how far our community is from any real socil progress much less enlightenment.

The whole community of interest around Tremont here is a result of "Cleveland" money being spent by "Cleveland" city leadership and highly paid professionals to demolish the home of a poor, mentally disturbed resident - a historic structure in a historic district - under circumstances that may best be described as evil... probably unlawful.

We have seen no humility among the people who caused this harm.

Obviously, these people are not going to be able to demolish all their opposition, just like the old racists of Shaker were not able to keep out all the blacks.

Disrupt IT

thank you, Norm

your answer was much more astute than mine, and addresses the issue. Well put.

Just one thing - please dont describe the victim of the Tremonters latest selfish and destructive act as mentally disturbed. He is one of the few people I enjoy long conversations with - because he doesnt lie, he doesnt bullshit (unless he's doing for fun), and he doesnt blow his own horn (unless its in jest). He is one of the most balanced people I know. I just spent time with him the other night. Were it me - I'd have snapped by now - but he is holding up so very well.

I know you didnt mean it to be derogatory, but I keep hearing people reference him this way. He thinks outside the norm, which is actually a sign of good mental health given today's standards! 

How may we not be disturbed

I am mentaly disturbed by what I see going on in Tremont, Cleveland, and to citizens like Frank and Ed Hauser and you and I... and I assure you Ed was mentally duisturbed by it... and I can't see how you, and Frank, and the other soocially conscious Tremonters cound not be mentally disturbed by everything going down... that is the natural response to wrong.

I lay in bed thinking about it, losing sleep. I am depressed by it. I view Tremont and many people here differently because of it. I am considering moving to Cleveland and running for Mayor because of it.

Now, which of us are mentally disturbed in unnatural ways like lead poisoning, is an interesting question society doesn't give a damn about... that I am interested to explore.

What do you think is your level of lead poisoning and how does that impact your mental state. How about Frank? How about some of these TWDC hotheads?

Not to mention seasonal depression, which we do nothing to address here...

My dad is a shrink, so thinking about mental conditions has always been core to my existence, and based on a realization there is no such thing as a normal human being.

Disrupt IT

oooooooh touche!


point taken

:::blowing a kiss on your cheek::::: 


i'm sorry, who are you exactly? we havent really met. it seems you dont really post any subject matter, only corrections of *etiquette*

i think we were all just ribbing each other a little. i'm sure if we ran into each other at a pub, we'd buy each other a drink... no? 

no...it's not gonna be "who are you":

i'm sorry, who are you exactly? we havent really met. it seems you dont really post any subject matter, only corrections of *etiquette*

i think we were all just ribbing each other a little. i'm sure if we ran into each other at a pub, we'd buy each other a drink... no?

No "dbra"...I'll be even more direct, turn this around and say...

I'm sorry, but given how people within this conflict have been blistered I think it is necessary to ask specifically why do you "dbra" ask this and whether you are willing or able to extend a notion of respect and if needed desired anonymity to those posting here if they desire it. Within the give and take of recent posts over the last few weeks, I have felt there is quite a bit of really unnecessary personal attacks, revelry and affronts that amount to a unfortunate bullying attitude by some of the people posting. 

Some of these were not simply ribbing nor were they even rubbing, they were mean-spirited and in their own way attacks on the community as a whole. These attacks are a couple of steps over and beyond *etiquette* as you say and I have specifically condemned them as attacks and unnecessary provocations. 

 and so now I guess you are calling me out???

Nope! that is not what I signed onto this list for. You will not get me to dance with you in conflict in that manner. And if the owner of this site or its administrators aren't supporting me, it doesn't matter to me. It will just give me a more clearer indication of what different people's stake in all this are and help so that others can better determine their mindset. I'm quite familiar with "dedicated" community people who state lofty lucid goals that everybody seeks to uphold and when you least expect it they are the first to cave in. I would not be happy if that happened here, but I would not be surprised.

I will underscore that in this circumstance I must ask that I not have folks trying to track me down in the neighborhood based upon the postings that I have put down. That would really chill things out and I think shed some true light upon what a few people have as intentions toward others. 

 I did specifically mention a concern for the climate of people's mental health and I really do think people are about to explode. That is why I'm saying people should step back abit from the edge. The conflict will still be the same but at least you might give yourself a little more space to operate. The pace and trajectory of this spat being pursued is all wrong and definitely doesn't aid those whose houses have been knocked down or to others who face the threat in the future.  People need to figure out how to win battles not perpetually fight them.  I noticed that the site administrators at times apply a heavy dose of cynism  to get by (such is the case in norm's vindication of your behavior which was entitled..."How may we not be disturbed" and also revealed in "Real people are expecting real humanity". Whelp unfortunately I can match all that and up the ante if needed. I'm just asking for this site to abide by it's own slogan..."get real" and not go overboard.

Well put Glowbawl. 

Well put Glowbawl. 

ok, nOw i get it.....

i'm like wondering - who the hell is this guy and why is he calling mE out - I mean we ALL get a little salty on this dear blog...

well lets start with Kelto - one of Kelto's two posts on RealNEO sorta just sums all that up ( http://realneo.us/content/dream-realneo#comment-8501 ) where Kelto tries to bring to everyone's attention how my silly rant (so silly in fact, they may NEVER remove it) single handedly brought down the entire Tremonter blog site. i have no mea culpas left - ran fresh out - sorry. Apparently you are all supposed to be horrified at my lack of social grace and shun me.

And then there is Glowbawl... I think after reading  the above, Glowbawl is upset with my having outed Jean. Honey, all I can say to you is keep coming back. The light will come on one day. Ms. Jean has persistently badgered me on blogs - she attacks me and tries to discredit anything I say. No, I'm not complaining, because the reverse usually happens. But it is time to get over it. i did - about 12 years ago.

xo - kisses-



You left out JM.  Adam

You left out JM.  Adam Harvey closed Tremonter for reasons only known to him.   The discussions, as I've stated before, got a bit heated when those of us who started speaking up and defending the impoverished, elderly and/or handicapped that were caught in the perils of being crushed under the stress heaped upon them during the economical decline as a result of actions taken by those involved with or working for TWDC. 

No one could bear to hear that their beautiful TWDC actually in charge of federal, grant and model block funds, for the assistance to under priviledged, could actually be questioned about WHERE'S THE DAM MONEY?  That long-time homeowners/residents are no longer going to bow down and allow PROFIT MAKING developers to come in and force them out by creating unbearable circumstances.

There are quite a few ready to take back their community.  The election on the 29, will be the beginning of either new hope from new board members willing to work on behalf of everyone, giving fair and equal treatment to all, allowing transparancy to begin or there are those of us who are willing to start our own coalition and take on the community organization that has been overrun by the supporters of greedy developers looking to line their gold pockets with the green that was meant to help the poor.

When that time comes, I'll be first in line.