Header And Question For Our Times: Are You Left Or Right, And Are You Right?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 12:28.

As I was photographing my City Fresh "Fresh Stop", in East Cleveland, I was trying to capture a small moment and place of beauty and righteousness when and where so much is ugly and wrong. In the process, I captured a panorama that reflects a turning-point moment in America and the world today (see larger image here). It seems most Americans live their lives largely in a world reflected by the image to the right, and never enjoy what is beautiful and right, captured on the left... and below... one City Fresh Full Share from last week.

Consider how much of the produce you ate this summer was fresh and natural and came from your own garden or gardeners and farmers in your community versus how much was genetically engineered, industry farmed, monopoly owned, shipped 1,000s of miles, and probably harvested by child labor in a foreign country. On all of this, you the consumer are in complete control, and your past shopping habits prove whether you are left or right.

Only your soul and heart may tell you which is right.

One way to be certain you are right in the future is to buy City Fresh food shares. While the growing season is about over, you may sign up now for their Holiday Food Shares... see contact info on their website... a photo of the flier about this is included below and attached.

And... now... think about this... now is time to make your plans for next year, and the rest of your life, including growing gardens and freely sharing fresh, local, healthy food with others, everywhere you may. Do you plan to be on the left, eating the healthy, beautiful local bounty of our good Earth and great humanity?

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