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Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 11:59.

Share my lovely 1917 home in Cleveland Heights with me. I have a little mixed breed watchdog named Phoebe. I work at home for a small arts-nonprofit. My politics are on the left (waay left), and I prefer classical and jazz music, but more often than not, just the sounds of the great outdoors.


The suite comprises four rooms; furnished with two beds, a sitting area, plenty of personal storage, two closets, dressers and a desk. The private bath includes a luxurious deep claw foot bathtub with shower and a pedestal sink. The entire suite is freshly painted and its hardwood floors have just been refinished. Respect for these rooms and furnishings, please. The third floor is a world away once the door to the second floor is closed. Windows offer natural light; the massive pin oak makes this third floor feel like a tree house.


Off street parking, access to all appliances including the laundry. Utilities are included in rent. Heat is radiators, (no AC); there's a landline and cable wifi.


There’s a front porch and a lovely backyard with a picnic table and grape arbor. Cleveland Heights’ best grocer is a few steps away and the house is an easy walk to the Cedar Lee and Coventry business districts. Best coffee, great restaurants, Cain Park summer concert and theater, galleries and best movie theater in Cleveland are nearby. It is a quick roll down the hill to Case or a half hour walk to the center of University Circle. There is a bike available, too if needed. The last roommate stayed for seven years – pretty good reference. Available immediately.  Send an email via realneo by clicking on my name in the post and selecting "send private email".

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left is relative

In other parts of a civilized country, you'd be sort of centrist, a libertarian with a bent towards Mother Nature. Around here, you get tagged, bagged, and labeled for having the effrontery to break the region's politically correct imposed silence, and for being a little out ahead of the pack.


So, for whatever reason, I wouldn't personally label you way left. You make a lot of sense.

way cool... a better descriptor

right to choice/right to voice



I am in fact conservative in many ways - conserving resources (nature and money in particular). The point is I would prefer not to live with someone who is a right-to-lifer. I just had a gentleman try to convince me that I should take a lower-than-asked figure for the space because he was the "right" roommate. Then his reference told me that they are members of the Knights of Columbus. Not knowing much about them, I did some research. No wonder this guy who proudly told me that he was outraged about the way veterans of the war are being treated by the government upon their return from Iraq bristled when I said, they shouldn't have been there in the first place. He said, “I don't like to discuss politics” and then asked me about my religious affiliation - he assumed I was an atheist (“like most of the people he had met in Cleveland Heights”, he added). "Jeez", I said, "most of the people I have met in the Heights are Jewish." The Knights of Columbus thing was what he had not revealed.


I appreciate and am interested to learn about the ideas of others, but thought it best to reveal that after years of leftist indoctrination on my home court... well, I am staunchly behind a woman's right to choose, for example. How do I say it? My mother a longtime neonatal nurse in a military hospital who nursed many preemies (unwanted preemies) insisted that I join NARAL upon graduation from college.  My father was labeled a communist while he served the military in the 1950s. Civil rights and human rights were often topics of discussion during my rearing. I may be less informed, but I am informing myself with regularity and would hope to not be straddled with a flag waving fundamentalist right-to-lifer for even a few months - no matter how financially and environmentally conservative I may be.


I did have a lovely young man who is a med student at Case view the suite of rooms and say that he is very interested to live here. He then asked my forgiveness and said that he would understand if I could not wait to rent to him. He said he is in med school because he felt he would need a way to pay back the world for his desire to travel to Uganda. I could hear the strains of Paul Farmer in this young idealist. He said that med school is isolating for someone like him who grew up in a rural Ohio town where he knew everyone. He wanted to be connected to the larger community in Cleveland. I told him I had a community here and sent him a link to realneo. He said he was fascinated and thrilled to find a collection of thoughtful articulate people here in Northeast Ohio. I hope he makes it back from Uganda safe and sound and moves in here. I have still more rooms available, though, so I post this here while he volunteers in Uganda for the summer.


I thought long and hard before posting this on realneo, but then I realized that realneo is my community, and what better way for someone to get to know me, than to be introduced to me and my colleagues this way. So this is an attempt to use the social network to expand the community I hope to build right here in my home.


For many years I enjoyed conversations with a roommate who still feels like a part of the family. With many more rooms that I can occupy, it just seems fitting to have other footsteps on the stair treads again. Oh, and thanks for the compliment.