Health at City View Garfield Heights Ohio

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 04/17/2009 - 15:59.
Health at City View Garfield Heights Ohio

You can read the Cleveland Scene report about the problems at City View .    I think City View will turn out to have a better ROI - even after most of the stores shutter up and including the health costs for the damaged workers in the still -open stores  - than the MEDCON.   

The developer, John McGill,worked earlier in his career with the Wolsteins.   

This madness on a former dump with toxic wastes  - now buried and outgassing below the buildings - should never have been allowed by our Ohio and Cuyahoga environmental and health authorities.  

The license plate is from a Cuyahoga Sanitation vehicle which had personel milking it behind the vacant Petsmart on 4.15.09 when I was there.   So even today we are still getting the shaft from the "authorities".

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Wolstein McGill

  This whole project is a cancer.  It's a gloomy way to start a Saturday, but the fall-out and storm water run-off from this
project is one of the nasty environmental secrets in NEO and reminiscent of Love Canal. 

There is a long history of bad deals and the making of a quick buck with so many developers in NEO of no conscience, whatsoever.