henry senyak hero resigns president tremont west development corporation - afraid he may be murdered like rosemary vinci

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henry senyak our the peoples hero for years in tremont and other parts of cleveland was pressured into resigning as elected by the members president of the the board of twdc because he knows to much and was dis-respected and intimidated for speakimg truth to power  for all peoples

not just the greedy pay to play corrupt etc. side of the businesses and twdc and officials etc. -

and henry wouldn't go long to get along with the financial corruption side of twdc -the employes are good folks for the most part -

like bob shores another hero that was pressured into resigning - henry will be greatly missed -

and the forces that think they won with bob and henry and the untold numbers of folks that have been murdered like rosemary vinci past president of twdc - she knew to much

you haven't won - "because their is no death just a change of worlds" and spirits and souls will rise up and bring us many more bobs and henrys and others -

like vice president joe biden said  "if they had their way you all be in chains again"

let us check on henry and his great mother to make sure the tremont mob doesn't do any thing to them -

henry and mother could always join the witness protection program


" the slash and burn -  take no prisoners - anything goes

is so corrosive to our democracy and we've got to

fight this because it turns people off politics in general

and leaves that space to be occupied by special interests

that determine how the goodies are to be passed out...."

barack obama,  nov. 23, 2004
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faith based non-profit corporation no. 389646, 501(c)(3), SINCE 1965,
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 "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Henry Senyak

Ok, I will bite, Guy.

There isn't any evidence that Vinci was mudered. None.

Henry Senyak used to post on realneo. Once he was elected to the Board of TWDC, he stopped, citing a policy that TWDC Board members were not allowed to posts on social media or write for the Plain Press.

Henry can post anything that he wants. He no longer is bound by the policy. If Henry knows "stuff" that could cause someone to "silence" him, then he has a venue (realeno or other places) to get it out and done.

However, as a Board member, then a first vice-president, and then President, I would expect that if Henry was exposed to gross corruption or malfeasance, he would have addressed it then.

There isn't any point is amping up the conspiracy theories.



My opinion: don't think he was worried about dying, but

he certainly got burnt out. He tried hard to be a bridge between the Tremont newcomers with their expensive houses who don't know and don't care about long-time residents. They have garages so don't understand why residents that have a duplex in front and one in back have parking problems due to people coming in to the 'way, 'way too many restaurants and bars here, who are too thrifty to use the valet parking that was supposed to fix it all, and sure did not.  They say, I have heard, that Commander Selzer doesn't like parking permits for residents, thus throwing the blame on him, instead of those who waived the rules in the first place about how many parking places each establishment is supposed to have (and does not.)

At least one block club doesn't want cut-ins on the tree lawns, which would let people have more parking spaces. No doubt the same who bitch about Angel's shed. It does need painting, but other than that, what the blankety-blank is the big deal? I was just in the suburbs and saw TWO just like it sitting the the parking lot of a drugstore. Bet they don't get the grief Angel does. If you don't like to look at it, just don't look at it. Or better yet, move, go back where you came from! Stop trying to make a nice, inner city neighborhood into the suburbs. Why come here anyhow if you don't like the looks of it?Oh, forgot, there is my theory about tadpoles wanting to be big frogs in little ponds.

Does giving grief to a kind, hard-working person give you a lift? Pretty pathetic. 

Remember, what goes around, comes around. Soon those tax abatements will run out, just as our economy and dollar tanks. 

Councilman Cimperman hired Henry for one year to do the work he  had was already doing, of looking for burnt out light bulbs, but didn't renew the job. 

Go back to the areas these folks came from and ask, did they run anything there? Doubt it, but here they get to be big shots in a small pond. Either they aren't Christians or the lessons went in one ear and out the other.

I think he was burnt out and sick and tired of being disrespected, especially when he was putting in long hours trying to help and some of the board members, who haven't even shown up for their committee assignments, gave him grief. The last rumor I heard was they bitched because when Councilman Brian Cummins showed up late, he let him speak, causing the meeting to run late. Guess the board people hated to miss their tv. Poor babies! Mustn't let your civic duty get in the way of watching the box. How terrible you had to stay a bit late.

Might, maybe, might also be they were acting as proxies for Councilman Cimperman, who is not Henry's councilman. He is said by some to be the ultimate mover behind the wonderful Bob Shores being forced out.

I will let a cat out of the bag. One thing I know for a fact. Don't know if he did in fact resign, but a while back Erich Hooper said he was going to resign the position with his block club he had been elected to because board members were talking about him and saying they didn't want him to hold such a position.

I told him that was just tough for them. His neighbors wanted him and they elected him. You know, or maybe you don't know, the Biblical verse about a prophet being without honor in his own country? Someone this spring was coming from Boston to interview Hooper and another person was coming all the way from Europe to interview him. He has a certain amount of fame, more than the people putting him down. 

There are very few blacks, very few Hispanics, very few poor active in TWDC. The membership is such a teeny weeny percentage of all of Tremont. It is most unrepresentative. Although, enough turned out to vote to vote down their proposed bylaws several years in a row. No, the membership were not too dumb to "get it." They were not going to let you take even more power than what you have already grabbed.

It isn't surprising that Kristin Trolio has resigned, going to the Metroparks. After all, if you are appointed Interim Director but told at the same time that you will not be considered for the permanent position, that sort of tells you it is time to move on, doesn't it! And I heard a rumor that the staff requested she be considered for the permanent position, and that that request infuriated some of the board members. Why? I don't know, sounds silly to get upset over that. Have the staff no rights? Well, guess they don't want them to have any rights, they were telling Henry when he got on the board he wasn't allowed to even read realneo! Democracy and rights are only for these carpetbaggers to claim for themselves, no one else entitled they feel, I guess.

And new Executive Director Cory has been doing much, much better than Chris Garland, but maybe he has been listening to some of the carpetbaggers, was he listening to a still-pretty blond, who won't be pretty much longer unless she goes off the sauce. Several board members I have run into seem to have a drinking problem. Maybe they are trying to drown out that still, small voice.



thanks, 'roser, for the Tremont update

The saga continues like  a soap opera, doesn't it?

Erich Hooper should not resign. The CDC has zilch control over block clubs. The block clubs, theoretically, do have some say in how TWDC functions.

However, if one gives up the power due to fear, or lack of concern......or just gets tired of fighting......

I am really sick and tired of how dis-empowered people feel in general. I do not blame Henry for tossing in the towel. It would take a concentrated effort to elect a board that wishes to be engaged, and sometimes a person has to walk away.

It can be the smart thing to do.

Also, about the residential parking permits, it is more likely that Commander Sulzer said that he could not enforce them. The person who suggested this as a viable option needs to count the number of cars available in 2d district,  review the types of crimes that occur (robberies, murders rapes, fights with weaspons involved, not to mention loud parties, drunks causing a problems, drugs being dealt, muggings, and then figure out where and when the police would have time to come to Tremont to ticket violators parking without a permit.

The person pushing this KNEW that this in unenforceable.

I do think that the hay day of Tremont has come and gone.

Ohio City entertainment industry

The squeeze is on in Ohio City as W.25th is out of room. Tremont is passé. This is going to be interesting.

And it does not have anything to do with the land bank, Frangos, etc.

Don't know Cleveland's rules, but elsewhere homeowner

Just calls a or a specific towing company when someone is parking in their spot. No need for police.

Don't WORRY-Tremont is OUT

The "new"must-live place for twenty-somethings is "Broadway" Slavic Village ...haven't you heard??


And before that ....Superior St. Clair....


Is this online paper controlled by the same NPI social engineers who brought us the concept that ONLY certain neighborhoods could be deemed VIABLE with the community development block grant and Neighborhood Stabilization|federal monies the employees at CDCs rely on to keep their jobs?


bipartisan bill would provide funding to demolish vacant and blighted homes

Against a backdrop of vacant, foreclosed homes and empty lots, U.S. Representatives Steve LaTourette and Marcia Fudge this week unveiled the bipartisan Restore Our Neighborhoods Act of 2012. The new legislation seeks to provide $4 billion to states and land banks to issue 30-year demolition bonds to demolish vacant, blighted homes across the country.

"This country needs to come to the realization that sometimes you just need to tear it down and start over," LaTourette told an audience of city leaders and community development professionals outside of a vacant home on E. 69th Street in Slavic Village. LaTourette stressed that the foreclosure crisis is not just an urban problem; it affects the Lake County communities he represents, too. "Vacant homes drag down property values and can lead to crime."

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge noted that more than 40 percent of the homes on E. 69th Street off Union Avenue were either vacant or foreclosed. A block away, a woman was recently dragged into a vacant property and raped.

Currently, only 10 percent of funds from the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) can be used for demolition. The bill would change that by allowing greater flexibility in how NSP funds can be used. It would also provide more than $40 million in Qualified Urban Demolition Bonds to every state, with additional funding flowing to states like Ohio that are considered "hardest hit" by the foreclosure crisis. Any unused allocation would be redistributed by the Secretary of the Treasury after two years to "qualified" states (including Ohio).

Fudge and LaTourette stressed that the legislation would be budget neutral, as there are at least two possible offsets under consideration for the $4 billion cost.

City and county leaders said the legislation is not only about removing blight, but also clearing the way for future redevelopment of neighborhoods. "We want to see a city that's thriving and bustling," said Gus Frangos, President of the Cuyahoga Land Bank. "This is about creating a new vision for our neighborhoods."

Although more than 6,000 vacant homes in Cleveland have been demolished in the past five to seven years, there are still more than 12,000 condemned or blighted homes throughout the city. Throughout Cuyahoga County, there are estimated to be 25,000 to 30,000 blighted or condemned properties in need of demolition.

"This is a $250-million problem," said Frangos. "That number is much greater than we can handle, no matter how strategic we are with our resources."

Source: Steve LaTourette, Marcia Fudge, Gus Frangos
Writer: Lee Chilcote

See also:

And, if you ever thought about being a landlord, isn't it good to know the federal government will shell out the money???



Frangos, Land Bank, Ohio City and the usual...

City and county leaders said the legislation is not only about removing blight, but also clearing the way for future redevelopment of neighborhoods. "We want to see a city that's thriving and bustling," said Gus Frangos, President of the Cuyahoga Land Bank. "This is about creating a new vision for our neighborhoods."


From the man who lives in Summit County and controls the Land Bank...very touching...

What excites me is the ability to take our brick and mortar mission and integrate it with social service agencies that have housing as a component of their missions. For example, the disabilities community has a social service mission that helps serve people's basic life needs, which also includes housing. The land bank has housing.

So I am not just fixing a house -- doing the brick and mortar thing -- but I'm actually impacting somebody's life. And so the same thing for providing housing for veterans. The same thing with the refugees. We have an initiative in which fathers who were incarcerated, but now are on a good path, learn how to fix homes. We end up selling the houses and recouping our money. It is a win-win situation.

So this clues me to the plan to put in another Panzica project like South Pointe, behind the Coral Group Plaza on West 25th.  Of course, the councilman must have some idea what is planned for the area that includes cut-off streets Chestnutdale and Delmar, where we just had another panic-induced incident ...possibly involving "east side" gangs...so, the rumor goes...



I know how much some folks love Kucinich, but it does have to do with Frangos and the Land Bank...and he who shall not be mentioned...


Who is Lou Frangos robbing today?

Published: Tuesday, June 07, 2011, 10:36 AM     Updated: Wednesday, June 08, 2011, 9:32 AM
  By matchingwits vcard">cleveland.com
Todays entry will be the first in a series of 20 different instances where someone has been fleeced by Lou Frangos, parking lot "magnate" and sacred cow of Cleveland. Despite the fact that every bit of the information I will write about has been reported to the FBI, no investigation has been initiated. Is this the proverbial license to steal? It sure looks like it.

We should start with a cursory search of Louis Frangos in public databases, to determine what his public profile says about the man.

In the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts site, criminal case search; Frangos has :
Passing Bad Checks, 6 counts
Grand Theft, 2 counts

In Google search, it looks like a partial scrub has taken place; as much of the negative entries are pushed back away from the first few pages. Most likely a reputation defender type service attempting to paint a better picture.

There are two entries by Business Journal, located in Mahoning Valley, which reports on the Youngstown area appearing on page one. They detail his struggles to avoid paying his bills and cheat his investors on a project to develop the Realty Towers apartments.

For the readers who may not be aware: Frangos operates large parking lot operations in both Cleveland and Youngstown under the name USA Parking. This largely cash oriented business has provided capital necessary to shuffle back and forth as he tries to simultaneously portray himself as a wealthy, successful businessman and commercial developer.  This facade is where he gains entry, as Frangos gathers the politicians like the pied piper with cash to lavish on them and promises of grandiose dreams; developing downtown properties. He may have difficulty (re: willingness) to pay his debts, but he loves to pay bureaucrats and politicians to keep the scheme going.

Lets explore one of the many properties Lou has in his portfolio.

The Cleveland Career Center
1020 Bolivar Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

An old Ohio Bell building which languished for years in decay, Frangos struck a deal with the City of Cleveland (which politician benefited from this?) to redevelop it. It now houses city and county employees, under the workforce development services; opened in May 2007. He takes in $72,000 per month in rent for two floors of this building, paid for by the taxpayers. ( side note: I wonder how many police officers and fire fighters jobs could have been saved if not for this expense?)
The construction company that managed this 8 million dollar project was D A S Construction (another tie to the county corruption scandal), and after the renovation was complete, as always happens with Frangos the obligatory list of unpaid contractors appeared. He was able to shield himself from non-payment using DAS as the fall guy. Interesting to note that nonpayment in another project and subsequent litigation of the debt was the downfall of Judge McCafferty and Steve Pumper of DAS.
As all self proclaimed "developers" do, Lou Frangos does not use the majority of his own money to finance these projects, he can't. His rob Peter to pay Paul style would preclude him from stalling a stack of cash when it is desperately needed to cover his trail of deceit. He solicits money from the "connections" at his disposal, politicians. Whether its grants, loans or tax subsides; he reaches out to those palms he greased for money. But even the taxpayer monies are not enough to cover the large costs, he has sought "investors".
Some wealthy players in downtown real estate have rolled the dice on Frangos, the latest is Dan Gilbert and his casino group. I hope Mr Gilbert has done his due diligence in background checking Lou.
Others who have dealt with Frangos on past deals and may not be aware of their status as victims of investor fraud are Hal Lapine and Tom Embrescia. Yes, investment fraud. As Lou signs deals with investors and has a payment schedule for returns; he sends out investor statements. Those statements list the "supposed" costs associated with the property and are deducted from the returns. Those costs are fabrications, lies and outright deceptions. He has a staff of employees who help prepare these statements, knowing that its a complete falsehood. (at this point, please open another tab and search RICO in Google). Where is the FBI in this?
You would think that taking in $72,000 per month on a property would be enough to satisfy the overhead costs like mortgage and construction loans, taxes, utilities etc. Nope, Lou Frangos was short on cash and used the rent money on other parts of his scheme, ignoring the loan payments and sending this building into the beginning stage of foreclosure. My question is: did he charge his investors their fair share of the costs while not paying? 
If the city of Cleveland would like an easy way out of this mess, I would suggest reviewing the lease contract. He is not supposed to operate the parking garage in this building for special event parking during the specified work hours when it is dedicated to the Career Center and clearly spelled out in its lease agreement. Would someone point this out to Joe Cimperman?


  Any comments critical of Frangos and Frangos Group have been sanitized by the PD and to add to the spin...former Cleveland City Council Communications Director and TWDC board member Katherine Bulava gets paid to spew nicey-nicey on Frangos and Land Bank...


The Cuyahoga Land Bank works tirelessly to strategically acquire and then to demolish and find productive reuses for condemned properties or to rehab salvagable homes in its inventory. The Cuyahoga Land Bank has established several creative partneships that have resulted in a dual postive impact on the community - working with the International Sevices Center rehabbed properties have become homes for refugees; working with Career Development and Placement Strategies Inc former offenders have learned rehabbing skills working on Land Bank Properties; and working with Koinonia Homes an urban farm that will provide food and teach job skills to Koinonia's mentally and/or physically disabled client population will soon be in place.

Judgmental Philanthropic Christians steering out the DoGooders..

keep our world interesting, don't they? 

Amazing how disenfranchising it is to coexist amongst them...Tremont style...


It's simply endless...perhaps it's a good thing....let the good folks seek out the higher ground while the rest remain in their own cesspool....


Final comment.....file complaints with HUD to cease and desist federal trickle down funding this entity. This entire drama scene continues annually (37 years of CDBG funding)...Bottom line equals abusive practices that violate the people they were designed to protect. If TW (or any other CDC) has not learned self sustaining practices within 5 years-then stop funding it all together. Stop giving huge welfare checks to these administrators for abusing the public at large. The statistics and demographic data is a farse....they take aps from the indigent for programs to show "need" but how many are actually served is a different subject matter. Same game around town...such a joke. 


All the best to the folks like Henry Senyak and Bob Shores for their continued valiant efforts on behalf of the commmunity at large!

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

CDCs are mob fronts

In Salina(Syracuse), NY, once, I walked into a restaurant...beautiful linens and wood-paneled walls...three heavy guys smoking cigars at one table and no one else there.  We were politely ushered out.  This was my first realization that the mob constructs a front.  I truly believe that Cleveland's CDCs are ultimately run by organized crime.  Some of the folks who work there don't even know it.  But, a lot of them do or figure it out pretty fast.  I remember attending a CDBG event downtown in the eighties when George Voinovich was mayor.  I thought it odd that he broke down at the presentation (he cries a lot), but now I think it had to do with ethics.  I know that the Land Bank is now just a gigantic CDC--a "quasi-governmental" organization that has no real oversight.  I was kicked off the TWDC board for asking too many questions in the 1990s and for demanding some accountability.  Just like I was ushered out of that "restaurant" in New York.


Henry Senyak explains his resignation

 I have permission to republish this from the current Plain Press:


TWDC Board President resigns

   Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC) Board President Henry Senyak resigned from serving on the Board of  Directors on August 19th, the day after the August TWDC Board of Directors meeting on August 18th when a number of board members walked out of the meeting because it ran late and they wanted to go socialize. Senyak, elected as President by the general membership in January of this year, says in leaving the board he will do his best to back the efforts of Executive Director Cory Riordanand the TWDC Board of Directors' new president, Susan Coy. Following Senyak's resignation, he responded to some questions from the Plain Press about his resignation and the future of Tremont West Development Corporation.
Why did you resign from the position as President of Tremont West Development Corporation's Board of Directors?
  The main reason I resigned as President was the disrespect shown to me by a handful of current board members. This was coupled with the fact that Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are just too political. Also, going to at least 10 meetings a month just for TWDC Board and Committees, and that was taking a toll on my health. Some board members failed to show up for their Committee assignments, or just participated in one meeting a month. TWDC Board is a working Board and it is easy to get burned out. Every week you must be prepared for new challenges. TWDC should be the priority, not someone's social calendar to have cocktails at a specific time if a board meeting runs late.
Was your activism an issue with fellow board members and funders?
  The TWDC membership knew when they elected me into office that I was a activist. I worked at 150% to get things done for the community of Tremont. Funders like Neighborhood Progress Inc (NPI) and Councilman Joe Cimperman wanted full control on how the organization is run, this was unacceptable in my eyes especially when the Councilman would start calling other Board members requesting influence. NPI tried to influence who we hired in January as our new Executive Director, and this caused disharmony on last years board for at least four months.
  The code of regulations of TWDC state "The membership is the ultimate authority of the organization." Many TWDC members have felt Tremont has lost favor with the funders and the City Administration over the past several years. I was providing significant pressure on issues our stakeholders felt were important. Tremont's roads are like minefields and our business owners are at a disadvantage with all the available money in grants and loans being provided to upstart businesses in Ohio City.
  I was elected by the membership, I felt complete responsibility to them, they have invested everything into Tremont. Tremont is the premier success story and is the only neighborhood that has a sustainable renaissance over the past 20 years. My interest was bettering the community and not being a good political soldier waiting to get some type of City job as many others do in the CDC's world. I worked hard to get people together to solve issues, even people that were the worst critics of TWDC or some that did not support me. Tremont is like a full contact sport, no neighborhood can compare to its energy and the advocacy of its residents and business owners.
What are some of the accomplishments you can site, during your term on the Board of Directors?
  I am very proud of my service over the past four years on the TWDC Board. We changed this organization and gave it back to the people.  The board is composed now of a lot of talent and energetic newer residents that understand they work for the membership. I will assist Sue Coy in her roll as President, she works very hard and is a very fair person. I will support TWDC as long as they keep to their new found transparency and policies. Our new Executive Director is hands down 100% better in working with the community than prior executive directors.
What are some of the challenges TWDC faces?
1) TWDC needs to stay focused on their mission and work to better Tremont. Stay out of political matters or electioneering as many other near west CDC's are involved in with CDC employees hosting and running political fundraiser's. Keep the membership involved especially in Ward 14.
2) To be influenced by the membership not NPI. NPI is providing funding for a consultant coach to provide influence to the Executive Director and the Board President. The Community is Tremont's best asset not influence or politics.
3) Councilman Cimperman has made it clear to me and other Board members that within the next two years that NPI wants to merge Tremont West with Ohio City Inc. and defund a CDC located in Tremont.  
What about bars and restaurant growth in Tremont?
  It is clear based on two recent proposals this year in Tremont that many feel we have reach a saturation point. Many existing operators even feel this is true and came out against a new proposal for Professor. You can only have so many similar businesses competing without having businesses having negative impacts.  
The unfettered development with the help of the City of Cleveland in Ohio City which is  within walking distance of Tremont has effected some businesses already and they are seeing a significant drop in business.