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"Let's face it; all I did was talk to this kid." The words of Willoughby South High School assistant principal and 19-year educator Jeff Lyons.  In the rush to blame someone--we look to our administrators and the parents of this world will be quick to say they don't know how a young man got a hold of a gun.


The mother of the troubled Lake County, suburban-raised boy is quoted as saying that she could not believe her son was trying to commit suicide and that she did not know where he got the gun. I believe her when she says that she could not predict his suicidal thoughts, but I can't for a moment believe the second claim.


Yesterday, the day after the gun incident in Willoughby, I visited two schools, one public and one charter, and both schools spent the better part of the day in a security drill. Time our students could have spent quietly reading a book, or even playing hooky, fishing down by the Cuyahoga River.

We don't have time to ignore this crisis anymore. OUR children everywhere endure lives of electronic agitation and stress, beyond the "duck and cover" and toxic stress of television, cigarettes and widespread pollution, I endured as a child in the sixties and seventies.

Thank you to the Plain Dealer for balanced coverage of this story on Wednesday. I don't want this job. The Plain Dealer, on the same page, reports on a barking dog case that has pitted neighbor against neighbor. Our lives and our behavior do affect our community. Our decisions on the guns and the enslaved animals we own to protect our property also affect our ability to survive together. Is it too late to fix America?

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And Jeff S--I can't link to the PD stories, because right now, the PD site misdirects me to stupid fluff stories on fashion.  I can't find permalinks. So, despite the glory of our new technology, it has no permanence for recording history.

sports in top spot

How many people read the sports news on Cleveland.com? Most, I would suspect, by the way their new home page is set up. Of course, I can't comment there since they have blocked my comments. Even though they asked - how do you like our new look?

So while there are many more important things to learn about from our PD, apparently what most readers are using the paper for is to follow the "games".

Bread and circuses...


I rode my bike down to the towpath the other day and saw a scene reminiscent of Tom Sawyer--a band of boys ranging from 12-18 with fishing poles and pails in hand, off to fish the Cuyahoga River.

When they saw me and recognized me, they panicked.   I suppose they figured I would turn them in (Horizon Denison School), but I figured they were off to get a better education.   "Just don't eat them!, " I shouted, and they said they would throw them back.  It was a beautiful day.