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Three heros emerged from the TWDC Annual Membership meeting last evening.  Guy T. Black, Larry Cornett and David Gamble.  These three Tremont residents rose to the occasion and helped to lead the membership/voters into deciding against the by-law proposals that would give centralized power to the board.  The passing of this code of regulations would in many ways provide the organization with the guidelines for running a top down structure........to the detriment of the poor, elderly, minorities and long time residents of our community.

Guy found himself being censored when thumbs started going up and down as indicators to cut the mic, their collaborated efforts gave us a victory - no new by-law amendment ratifications.

The verbage below was the content of a handout given to attendees as they entered the hall.

We owe thanks to Ronnie Baker and Robert Pinkerton for their assistance is getting the word out.  Not to mention a couple of "agents" graced the event with their presence as well!

Congratulations gentlemen!  



by Claude Lawrence Cornett Jr, Ronnie Baker, Jerleen Justus, and Robert

TWDC is trying to get you to vote for the same proposed bylaws that were
defeated at the last meeting.  By failing to include previously proposed
amendments <http://www.tremonsters.com/ComPropTWDCBylaws.htm>, they hope you
will grant the Board practically unlimited power, without considering their
potential for abuse and proposed remedies.

TWDC's proposed bylaws:

*        Have all ex-officio representatives of block clubs appointed by the

*        Have all members of most committees appointed by the Board, along
with all committee chairpersons, turning them into rubber stamps rather than
mechanisms for residents concerns to be presented and addressed

*        Allow records and meetings to be declared confidential for any
reason, including:

o                                Sacrificing the welfare of Tremont
residents in order to meet their business objectives

o                                Preventing oversight and disclosure of
TWDC's business and financial records

*        Do not include a bill of rights and code of ethics that would help
protect the rights of members to advocate and publish their own observations
and opinions without harassment or the threat loss of services and rights.
This is particularly disturbing given the fact that the TWDC development
director was recently convicted of menacing.

*        Do not include appropriate provisions to encourage diversity

*        Empower 3/4 of the TWDC Board to remove any other member for any
reason, without limits or just cause

*        Allow decisions to be made at meetings that do not maintain a
quorum because members leave the meeting

*        Do not protect the rights of residents to protect their
neighborhoods and to fully participate in TWDC committees and associated

*        Do not provide an ombudsman to receive and investigate complaints,

*        Give the Board unlimited powers not governed by the membership


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Biggest question of the

Biggest question of the evening was that while everybody at TWDC walks around with their ding-a-ling in their hands, jumping through hoops and bending over backwards to appease and moddlecoddle the "Tremont Business Owners," where were they (business owners) last night? 

Chuck Berry....

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Great coverage - winds of change!

Now would be a good time to reorganize TWDC and apply for some funds to plan Tremont right - you could be a national model for turning around out of control CDCs

Disrupt IT

Excellent Job with TWCDC By Law Amendments!

And there was also a fourth hero...in Jerleen! God Bless You All! Excellent convictions, work, and consistency in protecting the people of your community and their rights! I am so happy that you all accomplished this mission! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


I applaud Tremont residents who came out and voted against the by-law changes.  Well done. 

Out-of-control CDCs--that about sums it up...

jerleen it takes one to know one - your our hero


Interesting day.

I got a call from TWDC Board Member Henry Senyak.  He was soliciting me in an effort to sell me a TWDC Fundraiser Ticket.  I nearly did a back flip when he told me they were $50.00.  Apparently, whomever put these out there thought everybody had mega  funds.  Last year they were only $25.

I started to wonder if it had anything to do with a coming attraction.  Cops coming to take the TWDC Fundraising Leader away.  Maybe they're trying to make enough money to bail out 806 Wine Bar owner after she's arrested on a warrant for not showing up in court on a citation issued by  John Graves.   I suggested to Henry that he sell one to the distinguished detective.   Somebody told me today that they were saving a dime to dial up the warrant hot-line on that evening.

This is almost comical.  A couple of years ago, the TWDC Safety Committee discussed putting a plan in place for a "Weed & Seed" program.  Now, they seem to be protecting scofflaws, including the convicted ones.