Highway Median panhandler guy - Holiday Season - throat cancer from cigarettes

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 12/07/2013 - 22:44.

 I took a ride with Charlie and his friend Karen to buy a new toilet.   1.3 liter flush.   Latest thing.

As we got off the highway to go to the big box store, there, in the cold, on the median island next to the left turn lane was an unshaven fellow holding a sign – “I have two kids , am out of work, please help.”

Karen, who is fighting throat cancer – recently spread to her lymph nodes – had a fiver out of her purse in an instant and told Charlie to honk to get the guy’s attention.   

Charlie rolled down the driver’s window and waved at the guy who walked back to our car.

Charlie asked “what are the names of your two kids?”

Karen kicked Charlie’s throttle foot and shoved the 5 dollar bill out the driver’s window.

The guy did give Charlie two children’s names, took the 5, and said thank you very much.

The light turned green and we were in the flow again…

This all took less than 25 seconds.


1.3 liter flush is about the most efficient available.  

Not cheap though, $188.00.


Then we went to another store to buy two cartons of cigaretts. 


Life whirls by.

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