Homeless people in Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio - recent focus of the local news and Forest City for years - Kelly Thomas vid.

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 05/08/2012 - 14:36.

A few weeks ago a Realneo report described how 5 police in one community spent a 1/2 hour moving a homeless fellow from a McDonalds - sending him on his way down the street to another ? location.

In Fullerton, California, on July 5, 2012, at a bus station,  4 or 5 cruisers responded to a homeless man, ending with the tasering and killing of Kelly Thomas - you can see one video here on youtube.  This video is taken from a distance and has no clear view or clear audio.   No one in the audience interfers with the police.   (probably knowing that doing so would probably get you shot.)     This video is a mild intro.  

Now watch this video - taken by a security cam  - shown in court.  We are lucky to have this grisly record preserved.

So - how are we doing in Public Square after years of aggressive efforts (remember in 1999 Rosewater Limited Liability Company (link to wikipedia) - Public Square - now casino "sweeping the streets" of "rats")?

Maybe the approach used in Cleveland is all wrong....


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Kelly Thomas' beating. The sick - frequently the ones in charge

 In Fullerton, California, a homeless, mentally and socially troubled man - well recognized in the community, was beaten to death by a cadre of police. 

Fortunately there was a CCTV camera, and police audio which allowed a grand jury to indict three of the police involved.  

What strikes me about this tragedy is that the police are clearly sick - not homeless, but way, way sicker and more anti-socially whacked than Mr. Kelly.  

How does it happen that the persons in charge often become more socially deviant than those people they are being paid to police?

What is the dynamic?

Germany, Viet Nam, Iraq  ....   yeah 

But in our own neighborhood communities while everything is milk and vanilla - pensions being developed?   

What drives the street troops who are in charge of our civil security over the edge of madness - into complete deviancy?   

Until we know, it could happen to any of us.

 Just like it happened to these three cops on the evening beat at the bus station, in Fullerton, California.