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edgewater beach cleveland ohio july 5 image jeff buster fully integratedWith very little wind,  you had to be in the water for any personal temperature relief along Lake Erie.  The air here was hotter than air in the Metropark Woods.  

Lots of children were having a blast - very excited to be at the beach.

I had a more difficult time suspending disbelief - Westerly Sewerage plant is just a few hundred yards away. 

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Westerly sewage

 Check out the huge storm water drain pipe a few feet from where this photo was shot. We call it storm water, but the storm and sewer systems are merged.

Power boats

I am disturbed by the power boats anchored so close to this public beach--motor boats churn up the sand and the bacteria.  YUCK!  I seem to remember that this is not a permitted location to anchor.  I grew up along the lake.  Any coast guard folks out there?? 

Lake Erie...and sewage...still a long way to go