Houses Beyond 2100???

Submitted by Charles Frost on Tue, 09/08/2009 - 18:29.

Beyond the year 2100 our children and our grandchildren will have to learn to adapt to the global warming situation, if they even hope to survive.

Numerous Science Fiction stories, novels, novellas, and movies have taken place in the "far-off future" where mankind has made our planet difficult or even unfit for humans to live on the surface of the planet. Most portray life below ground, much as life has been portrayed on the asteroid belt, with a rabbit warren of caves and tunnels, hewn out of the native rock.

As the Science Fiction world has increasingly become our world, I simply wonder if the earth-sheltered house will become the first step that our species takes toward life underground???

Here is but one example:


and there are many more that can be found here:

Who knows, a couple feet of earth could also protect against a number of other kinds of unwanted intrusions and the like.