How I plan to pay for the new garbage fee

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Garbage collection is more important than reading the Plain Dealer so I just canceled my newspaper subscription to pay for the garbage fee.  I was hoping our council members would vote against this fee but that didn't happen so the only alternative for me to make ends meet is to cancel something else that costs money.  Since I recently opened my upstairs apartment to my granddaughter who is currently working as a caregiver for my daughter's father-in-law who has Parkinson's disease so his wife can continue working full time at a nursing home as a medical records technician, I will most likely have to pay a fee for two units even though I am not collecting any rent for the upstairs unit.  So, to balance my budget the newspaper had to be discontinued.  So much for an enlightened citizenry.I wonder how other households will pay for the added cost for garbage collection here in Cleveland, Ohio? 

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PD went off my budget years ago

Several years ago income became so tight that I cut several things, including the PD subscription. I read a friend's copy or go to the library and read it. Sometimes I read the online version but find it difficult to navigate and get the feeling I'm missing things online.

I know!  I read a lot

I know!  I read a lot online, but my husband prefers the paper version of the written word.  Let's just hope that we don't get a fee for library use next, or a fee to read news online.  Shhhhh!  Don't give them any ideas.  Actually I have an aversion to all fees. 


Some news sources are starting to force on-line subscriptions but we will see how that goes. On libraries, I think that merging the Cleveland Public into the County Library System makes a lot of sense, keeping all the branches but having only one administration. 

Libraries need to be

Libraries need to be standard in all neighborhoods.  I notice a difference in the quality of the services in the suburban County Library in Brooklyn and the Cleveland Public Library on Fulton and Library here in Cleveland.  It would be great if all libraries, no matter where they are located, offered the same quality of service to the patrons.  I think it is an attitude thing that is difficult to describe but is perceived, such as the lack of a smile or a hello from the workers at one library and the fact that one library requires the presense of a security guard.  I prefer the suburban library to the one in my neighborhood.  I feel much more comfortable there.  The difference is the people that work there, not the patrons that go there. 

the libraries

I agree about the level of services. I too use the County Library System having given up on my local city branch. Cleveland can only afford so much in tax levies and the Governor's cuts unfairly targeted Libraries in Ohio. While patrons were successful in getting the cuts reduced, they were hit hard. I would fight for my local CPL branch no matter what, because free libraries are a basic right and God knows we need readers.

BTW, your husband could read the paper at the library.

He could, but that would

He could, but that would mean I would have to leave my house and drive him there (he is not able to drive after losing his left peripheral vision post stroke).  I have become a recluse in my older age.  Mostly because it costs money to even leave the house.  And he will want to stop for coffee, oh no, even more money spent from our meager budget.  LOL.  (kinda kidding but mostly, sadly true)  I really need to break out of my self imposed shell. 

For obvious reasons

I am not going to touch this one...please visit me...there is much to explain...on how libraries are funded, collections maintained, archival collections and so-called "regionalism."

I think you might be missing

I think you might be missing my point.  I was not critcizing the availability of the materials, I was criticizing the attitude of the people that work at my local library.  I would love to go there if only I felt comfortable there.  Years ago when I was just a kid there was a library available in our neighborhood on the near East side of Cleveland and the library lady that worked there made everyone feel welcome.  She made sure we all followed the library rules and kept our voices quiet, but she did it in such a nice way that she didn't make anyone feel unwelcome.  The people that work at our neighborhood library just don't have that skill. 

lmcshane, I hope you don't work at that library.  If you do I can only say one thing....oops.  No offense meant, just speaking my mind.

Not your library...

 No offense taken, but please ask for improvements if you feel that the service has been lacking.  And know that you do have access to more materials at your neighborhood library for the asking.  I deal with the CCPL...CPL comparison all the time and I can use either library system, too.  I personally feel that we have a better collection.  It's a suburban, urban attitude and issue that I would rather not get into right now.  I also think that intentional or not, a lot of folks have an internal elitism mechanism that kicks in...that says "if it's suburban...well, then it has to be better." And, to that I say..."not so."

Good.  I'm glad I didn't

Good.  I'm glad I didn't write something that would have caused you consternation.  I agree there is a suburban/urban attitude.  I can feel an attitude before anyone says anything or does anything, and it really bothers me so I tend to stay away from places that make me feel unpleasant vibes.  But, I do have to say that the library on Fulton and Library here on the West side really did a nice job of taking care of my husband about 10 years ago when he had a seizure while he was there waiting for me to pick him up after work. (this was when I was still working) The kids who were there really helped him get to a safe place and kept him from getting hurt.  When you speak about attitudes...the story goes on to the next day when I told my co-workers about the seizure at the library and when I mentioned the area and the kids the response was did they rob him.  I told them absolutely not, they helped him and got help for him.  Now, that is a pretty good example of how an urban area is perceived by some people that don't live there.  The moral of the story is that the kids that were in the library that day were very helpful as was the librarian that called the EMS.  (I think it is the presense of the security guard and the grouchy people that work at the check-out counter that are the problem).  But you are right.  I can always ask for improvements, but sometimes it is easier to just go to a different place where things are already good.  The problem with that though is that the kids that can't go to another library are stuck with the badness of it.  And somebody has to care about their needs too. 

Now my husband doesn't usually go places by himself, it is better if he has someone with him.  Of course sometimes he gets cabin fever and just wants to take a walk, but it is better if he doesn't go anywhere alone. 

Fulton Rd Library

As an avid reader, I am at the library at least once a week.  In years past patronized Rocky River but when gas prices soared decided to use our local Fulton Road branch.  While selection is very limited, and I understand reasons why, I know I can order anything.  My problem is the rude and indifferent service by nearly all the employees.  One librarian did not know about services available.  Another is on her cell phone even when waiting on patrons.  My main problem is that returned books are not checked in properly  and I have a stack of notices charging me for books never returned.  In frustration I've switched to Lakewood. 

At Fulton,  friends of mine have been chastised to taking out too many books!!!!  I also experienced many comments about the number of b ooks I've checked out and the topics of those books.  That said, I love our Cleveland Public Library system - it's one of the best.  Just wish we had a more user friendly branch. 

Thank you skd0333 for

Thank you skd0333 for verifying some of the reasons I do not like to go to the library on Fulton and Daisy.  I actually feel bad for the children that have to use that library for school assignments.  I would love it the library would send someone there undercover to see what goes on there and make the needed changes.  What a waste of a valuable resource when people don't want to use the facility.

And I do remember how happy I was when that library was built, thinking that it would be a great asset to the neighborhood and that the children would not have to cross over the freeway bridge to get to the library.  What a disappointment it has turned out to be for the neighborhood. 

tremont library

 (jefferson) is divine. the staff rocks...!

I think im going to find

I think im going to find something on Marty Sweeney's yard to compensate. Something from the 50K addition he got on his house scot free.

brilliant move

Without the PD, then, you have less Garbage In, and therefore less Garbage Out.

Hi Tim, Good to see you are

Hi Tim, Good to see you are speaking to me again.

But, now my Grandson's school will also get less paper for its recycling program that helps the school too.  But, at least I will get garbage pick up and be able to pay for it.  If you hear any essential local news be sure to post it here so I will be an informed citizen.  Or is ignorance bliss?