How would you help commit the presidential voting preference of 5,000 coal miners in South East Ohio in one week?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 10/26/2012 - 18:22.

 Let's say you have already voted for president.   Let's say you were so energized you voted early - in person or by mail.  

Let's say though, that as a citizen you are very concerned with the outcome of the presidential race in Ohio - Ohio perhaps being the most important electoral state in the Union.

Now we know, you have access to the internet and to publishing vehicles like REALNEO.US.

So what would you do to amplify your presidential vote?  Just go home and remain silent?

How is silence patriotic?

No,  you need to try to pursuade others to vote as you believe...


Here's how I would do it: 

One thing I would suggest to 5,000 coal miners in South East Ohio is that President Obama's health care, when fully implimented in the next few years, will allow any citizen in the United States to move from their present employment without fear of the loss of their healthcare, and their family's healthcare. 

I would say that relying on your corporate employer for health insurance/coverage is a throw back to plantation mentallity:  Stay on the plantation, and you'll be taken care of.   Leave the Plantation, and you will be screwed.  I would suggest that if your employer requested that you attend a political event, and closed the mine and didn't pay you to go to the political event, that that employer might be suffering from Plantation Mentality.

Let's all move forward.   (That's what I would say)

NATIONAL HEALTHCARE = JOB MOBILITY = (& all that stuff that the Constitution promises all of us)


Let us hear your persuasive ideas - either way for president!

Be a super citizen.






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don't vote,,,,,

It does not matter anymore who you vote for every 4 years, it matters that you are politically involved in your community regularly and that you are a watchdog for abusive practices in your matters that you demand social justice and let the leadership know that they are being held accountable. It matters that you remain aware of what is going on and that you engage the process consistently, not just when it is advantageous for your schedule.  ...but then again.....let's not expect 80 percent of society to pay attention to what 20 percent are doing....that would be too realistic.... 

It is sad that our city council members decide where to allocate millions of dollars and the majority of residents don't give a damn.....then the rest of us try to fight for transparency while being labeled as whatever.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


Vote! Vote! Vote!

In addition to the portable health care via an exchange, I would tell those miners that Obama would not raid their pension, or personally profit from shutting them down. He would not shut them down because it was cheaper to import coal from another country. I would also tell them the the US is so ass backwards on energy that their jobs are secure for a long time, and that if we have presidents in the future that are of the mindset of the current president, they would be trained in new energy technology when it is ready.

I finally mailed my ballot today. I held onto it for a long time because of the need to research the judges. I used, but also solicited opinions from others.

The best judges are important.

I am very worried about this election.

I am worried about voter suppression. Here in Cleveland, we had the billboards that may have threatened people with felonies of "fraud" in voting. Here, and across the nation, the Republican party have tried to shut down early voting, and there are a lot of mixed messages about how to vote.

In Arizona, instructions in Spanish gave the incorrect date for the election. The corrected instructions gave the date incorrectly a 2d time. In some places, people are being told to bring photo ID, and in the small print are the alternative identification options.

This is one reason to vote. Your right to participate in the electoral process must be upheld.

If one is tempted to not vote because they feel that it doesn't matter, all I can say is do you really want to fight back against even greater odds than the ones that you face today?

Medicaid has been expanded to cover more women and children. Under Romney, that will be gone (returned to the states that have no money to fund it).

The earned income tax credit is on the block for one of the Romney cuts. For those that pay a chunk toward their health insurance premiums but have it come out of the gross, untaxed, under Romney, that will be taxed.

For women who finally get a mammogram without paying out of pocket (deductibles and copays) this lifesaving benefit will be gone if Obamacare is repealed. The mandate that requires that prescription birth control be covered just like any other prescription will be gone, as well as a private choice over an unintended pregnancy, as well as a pregnancy that is intended by God if you are raped.

We have not even gotten to the economy, and foreign policy. It is just too much. We would be at war within a year if Romeny is elected.

Vote like the lives of those you love depend on it. We all have friends or family that would be harmed by the Romney/Ryan policies.

Vote because you give a F%$k about this country.