UPDATE - Howard Hanna - it's Fox8's David Moss that approaches us to pimp mansion at 5x avg sale price - update Fox8 responds

Submitted by Tim Russo on Tue, 02/10/2009 - 09:51.

I've got a call in to David Moss of Fox8 to find out why he's calling around to real estate agents offering to pimp their unsold mansions on the air at 5x the avg sale price.  Seems like Moss is either (a) handing out freebies so potential ad clients will contract for ads, or (b) has the most tin ear in Cleveland TV.  UPDATE after the jump.

UPDATE - Fox8 responds.  This city is fucked.

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Fox8 pimp this mansion!

  Tim Ferris finds the ultimate urban property right here in Brighton-Brooklyn Centre.

Please also note:
Spread the word if you know someone looking for cool stuff ...

Mike Cottrell (the gentleman who owns the Krather Building at the intersection of Pearl and Broadview) has a bunch of rugs, furniture, tools, and housewares for sale. He is having a sale this Saturday, February 21 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

He also has some beautiful space for rent/sale, so folks could look at that too. Mike's phone number is 440-886-5300.