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 I received this diagram from (ODOT) Mark Carpenter this morning.  I'm not sure that you can make out the details.  Anyone wishing to have a copy of this map e-mailed, let me know and I'll be glad to forward. 

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This image was slightly

This image was slightly reduced and does not provide the full surrounding areas.  I can forward a copy of the full sized image.

Alignment frees up W. 14th St

Thanks again Jerleen--notice how the alignment--a major shift to the northwest--frees up the land currently owned by Frank Giglio? 

Wow, I imagine that would make for a great commercial land development.  Say... a drugstore to go with the planned Wellness Center...

Why do I feel sick?

All I ever heard mentioned

All I ever heard mentioned in relation to the "Wellness Center" was greenspace across the street, however, there is approx. 250 parking spaces planned for somewhere under the bridge.

Gus Frangos, parking--Frank's property

Jerleen...parking under the bridge?...250 parking spots planned?  For Frank's property?  So, how is that?  Did you see this in writing or a plan somewhere?

Now, we know the ultimate plan...I was thinking drug store, but, of course, paid parking lots are the easiest way to make money, especially if you steal the land from someone else. 

Louis A. Frangos, developer and President of the Frangos Group, now owns 18 parking lots and decks (under the USA Parking Systems, Inc. moniker) and six buildings in Cleveland, as well as six parking lots, plus the Realty Towers on Central Federal Street, the Plaza parking deck on North Champion Street and First National Bank Tower in downtown in Youngstown.

Sadly, I rode by Frank's property last night and heard a mockingbird singing.  The little glade should remain green and ultimately become a park in Frank's name.


Sammy has discussed this

Sammy has discussed this several times at several meetings held at TWDC. I'm not sure exactly the designated spot - but I do know that the parking spaces  will be somewhere under the bridge around 14th street and the new exit ramp that comes off the new I-90 bridge.




parking at Frank's

TWDC staff (ok, Sammy) has talked about a large parking space under the bridge for at least a year. He had made an offer to Giglio prior to demolition on the house, and the offer was too low for real consideration, per Frank. Lots cheaper, now. Matter of fact, that $16,000 demolition fee for a 2 story house will just go away at auction. 

demolished paradise

to put up a  parking lot.



I am just now viewing this,

I am just now viewing this, please send me the larger picture.

What Wellness Center? I haven't been on the board a while as I've been ill. Just give me the links where you talked about all this.