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Spam alert.  I am going to promote the recently released travel guide to Cleveland by Douglas Trattner and published by www.moon.com.

It's fun and upbeat without being dishonest about our crazy city.  My only criticism, (this is Cleveland, afterall!) you don't include REALNEO in your blog listings! 

But, Mr. Trattner, I forgive you!  All my favorite haunts are included--this is really exhaustive and comprehensive.  My recommendation?  Buy this book for your friends and family, they who think they know Cleveland (but, REALLY?---they don't :).

Again--Mr. Trattner, I like you, I like your writing style and I LIKE your book! Thank you so for taking the time to write it.  I wish you well!

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Tourists in the libraries

  Every time I ride RTA, I wonder, still, no systemwide maps at the shelters!!!! Despite, this glaringly obvious way to help folks navigate our town, folks DO end up taking the major bus routes 20, 35, 3, 25, 26 and new "Healthline" out of a sense of adventure and curiousity.

More and more, these folks end up at the Cleveland Public Libraries that happen to be located along transit routes--Main Library, Brooklyn, Walz, Martin Luther King, Carnegie West...etc., because we have free WI-FI and knowledgable people to help tourists navigate this town. 

Kudos today to Ms. Bosco, who helped today's family from Delaware looking for fun places and fun things to do in Our Town!  The Moon Handbook also sure came in handy!  Thank you Mr. Trattner!

Visible Voice

  Just got off the phone with Visible Voice. They will be carrying copies of the Cleveland Moon Guide soon!  Cleveland Public Library and Eastman Garden figures prominently in the destinations listed.  Of course :)

Somedays, I almost wish I COULD live downtown.


Moon Cleveland

Thanks for the praise, folks. Sooo sorry to have neglected to include REALNEO. Promise it will be a part of the Second Edition!

D. Trattner

Places to take the kids before...

Visiting Cleveland-Remind yourself

We do have a history and we are a destination city.

The May in-flight Continental Magazine promotes  Cleveland--check it out: