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zack reed cleveland city councilor at gerrymandering 3.23.09

Joe, Joe, and Kevin (and Mr Sweeney out of sight on the dias  to our left) are all eyes and ears because Zack had the planning/forsight to  hold up a photo of a lady from his Ward - I believe he named her "the Mother of Mt. Pleasant" - as a "visual aid" when he was describing the damage that gerrymandering would do to the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.  

Seriously, if we are going to MOVE Cleveland, we need leaders who can communicate as Mr. Reed and Mr. Cummins do.


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Brian, how would we set up an official City Council briefing?

I assume you are complimenting Zack, and I've seen him in good form before.

But the fact that we all got into this gerrymandering mess - that Sweeney and Jackson have been able to build such a political machine... when they are so unable to communicate - is an embarrassment for all council members.

We need a constant high level of good communications from all these people - 18 hours a day - in person and online (not Facebook... we'll educate them about the Citizen Dashboard and that will become their vehicle).

We need to schedule time to meet with any interested councilmembers to discuss what we are doing with REAL COOP, FOOD and INFO, and the Citizen Dashboard, as that will benefit all of them.

Brian, how would we set up an official City Council briefing?

Disrupt IT

okay...I have to say it...

Just stop people.

Zach Reed is a crook who misrepresents people in his ward and won't grow up.  Brian Cummins is a political adversary of course. What make's you think he couldn't beat that doofus Santiago to get his seat back?

The fact is this WE DO NOT NEED @@#$% 23 WARDS ANYMORE!! There are only 400,000 left in Cleveland. I'm one of them too. Columbus and Cinncinnati get along fine with less.

Broken leaders don't justify broken processes

The problem in this case seems to come from the top - how the gerrymandering is designed and commanded - I don't think anyone here cares if there are 7 councilmembers... that may be better... but Sweeney should not control how that is decided, and the process should be public and open, rather than secret and hidden.

I believe it is only for the efforts of outraged citizens to challenge all councilmembers, publicly, here and on other websites, that they are moving into action. It is too little too late - but that doesn't mean we should criticize them for improving, or stop them or the process of challenging the cowardice or stupidity of our leaders - including any and all councilmemebers - quite the opposite - it is good to finally see citizens taking charge of our public processes and demanding accountability, and seeing a few of our leaders change because of our demands.

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PLZ fill us in on "crook" and "misrepresentation" issues

Hello dweller1,

I believe I know what you are refering to with "won't grow up" - the DUI's - and I agree with your criticism on that issue.    Hopefully Mr. Reed will get past that...

But the "crook" and "misrepresentation" assertions I am not familiar with...I know Zack though my work with him on the PutitontheBallot.com sales tax referendum campaign and from his willingness to take a stance against the popular tide in Council.

Please fill us in on the facts which you feel discredit Mr. Reed.



To keep guys like Zach

To keep guys like Zach employed it cost us $70000/yr, healthcare, plus some $30,000 in public funds assumedly for office related expenses and miscellaneous tchachkis.

Give or take a council session, a committee meeting, lunch and appearances....the position is pretty much part time, and I don't need to show you "facts" when several people have been murdered in the past few weeks. Council is overpaid deadweight.

It cost us cleveland residents $100,000 for Zach to "mature".  If we slimmed down the wards from 21 to say SEVEN the city can save $1.4 million.

21 wards were necessary when a million people lived here. There aren't a million people here anymore, Jeff.

Let Pinkney and Forbes pay for him to "mature".

preaching to the choir

 i thnk this is preaching to the choir here. Most all agree we needed to cut council (more than we already have).

The point is how and why the cuts were made.

ps - you can thank mr. cimperman (the "working man's candidate") for that high pay rate.

Jackson scheduled at Estabrook

  Mayor Jackson is scheduled for a town hall at Estabrook Rec Center this Thursday, March 26 from 6-8 p.m.  I was told to confirm that this will happen by calling on Thursday morning.  The number for Estabrook is 216-664-4149.