If you are having problems posting comments or replies, try clearing cache

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 10:59.

A realneo member contacted help to report that the header image was loading in the Comment and Reply body fields... I was having the same problem in Firefox, but not in Safari.

REALNEO administrator Jeff Schuler replied that he ran some upgrades on our site software last night (thanks Jeff!) and he suggested we try clearing our cache, which I did and that cleared the problem up. If you are having this problem, try clearing your cache.

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thanks for the info

I shut down and that did it for me. clearing the cache would have been quicker! Any rate, it works now.

An old-school techie

My first line of defense - push the off button.

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old school

Norm, do you have a yahoo account? Do you know what the heck is up with Yahoo? Are they trying to turn themselves into the new social network? I have to wade through a lot to get to my mail and new there is an instant messenger option that I have to repeatedly turn off but some requests made their way through first. Who want IM anyway? Any suggestions or is that a get what you pay for (free) account?