Imagine Living Without....

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Imagine living without a sense of community...

Imagine living without a HD cable, no converter box, and no signal to the world.

Imagine living without transportation....

Imagine earning barely enough to afford rent, utilities, food, and minimal basics.

Imagine living without excursions like Cedar Point, expensive restaurants, or annual vacations.

Imagine not knowing your next door neighbor's name.

Imagine not caring about the disabled person trying to get into the door at a store.

Imagine peeing in someone else's yard after you got drunk at some yuppy bar.

Imagine puicking on some elderly person's lawn after a fun night with your friends.

Imagine not having respect for others around you...

Imagine that you were not blessed with "connections" that made your life easier.

Imagine that no one ever did a favor for you.

Imagine that you were not able to fight for your rights independently.

Imagine that you had to choose between feeding your animals and feeding yourself.

Imagine that the world was not centered around you.

Imagine that your best clothes came from a thrift store and you wore them proudly.

Imagine that you did not care what others thought about your attire.

Imagine that you needed a jumpstart on your car and no one else gave a damn.

Imagine that your superficial attitude was not accepted by the majority.

Imagine that your voice was never heard when you talked crap about others.

Imagine that all your education could not buy you respect, character or integrity.

Imagine that you slept alone for years with no one to cuddle up next to.

Imagine that no one wanted to hug you because your clothes smelled of urine.

Imagine that you were the one homeless, mentally ill, or poor.

Imagine that God did not give you a tomorrow to make right of all your wrongs.

Imagine that today was your last...

Imagine that someone who needed you asked for help but you were too busy to hear them.

Imagine that life is short and sometimes some of the most physically attractive folks can be some of the ugliest souls.

Imagine that you didn't have your all American freedoms...and you lived under communism.

Imagine that you needed oxygen to keep you from sufficating.

Imagine that the sun would not rise tomorrow.

....Imagine that.....

and then think twice before you sustain a selfish, vindictive, and meaningless life surrounded by superficial jerks who offer our world nothing but corruption, lies, and abusive practices....

Change will not come if you keep feeding deceitful practices, violating human rights, and acting like there is nothing wrong with it... You are only kidding yourself to really believe that there is any justification for wrongful actions.... and at the end of the day...Karma is going to sneak up and bite you in the butt for those things that you sweep under the rug....


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Imagine that....

reflections of what many advocates in REALNEO fight for daily....our citizens and the abusive choices of a very selfish world of folks out there who don't own their actions.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Public Servants need to get some imagination....

Imagine that....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"