Impose Term Limits on CLE Council and CLE Mayor

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Brian Cummins used his council franking privileges just this past week to send out a pathetic newsletter (his last archived on City Council website was mailed out Dec 2016).

There is no new news to report - and he posts the 2018 reopening of the Cleveland Public Library South Branch Library as if it was his achievement -when he opposed using the historic library as a LIBRARY.   The past four years have been about fighting to save everything good about Ward 14 from the predatory behavior of the fake "MetroWest" CDC he created along with Zone, Cimperman and Brancatelli.

Get rid of this dead weight - and sign the petition to impose term limits on CLE City Council and CLE Mayor. I will be collecting signatures starting this week. DM if you live in CLE and want to sign. I will come to you.

Cummins directly destroyed services to the Hispanic community in Ward 14 by urging the Library board in 2013 to sell the building to a developer.  The South Branch Library is at the node of St. Michael's and the Scranton Road Ministries Community Development Corporation - thankfully, both of these faith-based organizations and Hispanic UMADOP do much to provide A SAFE after school space for the dual language students at Scranton, Luis Muñoz-Marin and Buhrer. Cummins has been A NON-EXISTENT presence in our public schools. If you are taxpayer in Ward !4 also know that Cummins lets two of his "investor" buddies skate on NOT paying taxes on the Masonic Building. The two shadow LLCs are White Gold and Ginmark.

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Super PAC aligned to Mike White supports Jackson

Which is why everyone in the City of Cleveland must vote for term limits and NOT give the super  PAC Puppet Frank Jackson any more time in office:

A Super PAC organized by former Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White has hit the Cleveland airwaves to support current Mayor Frank Jackson's re-election effort.

Federal broadcast records show the Cleveland Forward PAC has reserved TV and radio spots in the Cleveland markets that will begin airing this week. The TV ad attacks City Councilman Zack Reed, while the radio ad praises Jackson. Both ads carry disclaimers identifying the committee behind them.

and later in the article:

In an interview, Reed said Jackson and his "dark money" supporters won't be able to buy the election. 

Reed also said that White once taught him that rich supporters can give money and support, but can't cast votes themselves, because they generally don't live in city limits.

"That's the reason money will not be the driving factor in this election," Reed said.

Cummins lost - Santana WON - take down the wite out machine

 Brian Cummins lost because he betrayed his values and his community. Jasmin Santana has an uphill battle against the shadow govt of the CDC - Detroit Shoreway. Matt Zone is counting on the developers and the Cuyahoga Land Bank strings to get him elected as mayor in four years. It won't happen. Eric Jonathan Brewer worked for Mike White during the 90s, when CDCs were primed for laundering of CDBG funds and set up of kick back schemes. He knows more about DSCDO than he has written about. Former DSCDO director Bill Whitney now at Land Bank is squirming like a snake every time he is trotted out ( Gus Frangos was notably absent at the Cleveland Children's Museum opening - the Land Bank wited out over 600K+ in unpaid taxes by the FERCHILL Group).