Indian project for 13,000 MW of renewable energy

Submitted by Charles Frost on Thu, 02/18/2010 - 22:25.

It’s the world’s largest single investment in renewable energy sources, launched by Airvoice Group with a $50 billion investment over a 10 year period

Indian-based Airvoice Group announced an ambitious project, which is said to be «the largest single investment in the world in renewable energy sources».

The project involves a $50 billion investment over the next 10 year period, aiming at achieving an installed capacity of 13,000 MW of renewable wind and solar energy.

Specifically, PV systems for 10,000 MW and wind turbines for 3,000 MW will be installed in a dozen sites covering about 20,000 hectares of marginal wasteland in the State of Karnataka (south-west India).

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