Rokakis Crook 3

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Rokakis Crook 3
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Shaker is model for Jackson's Income Tax ^

Wow - Shaker smooth move... raise your income tax and push to consolidate to the County Library system to float school construction plan...that seems to be Frank Jackson's plan of action, too - expecting voters to keep sucking the well dry.  You know why it is so expensive to run a city these days?  Because, over half of the folks in Cuyahoga County - all cities and income levels - are not paying taxes on their properties.  You  can all thank the originator of all tax sucking ideas (and exploiting federal dollars) Jim Rokakis


If you click on the link above - it takes you to a dead space at Cleveland(dot)com.  One of the reasons I began posting to REALNEO was my concern for saving information lost in the wilderness of the digital age.  Here is the link archived by the Wayback Machine:

I can't save everything and, increasingly, neither can libraries.  Cleveland Public Library and the independent libraries are still (albeit not so enthusiastically) in the business of providing institutional memory.  Institutional memory includes archiving stories reported by the "major" media.  As 'what passes for news' is ever changing, the job of saving important information falls to no one, least of all, the Cuyahoga County Library system.