INNOVATIVE RTA FARE designed to capture pairs or more of auto users

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 04/23/2009 - 18:33.


Last Friday evening two friends of mine went to a function just outside of downtown in Cleveland, Ohio. They did not take the RTA rail (which would have been very convenient) because the sum of their four fares (two persons in  to Terminal Tower at $2.00 each +  – plus each passenger  $2.00 onward out of Terminal Tower   for a round trip total of $16.00 or if you remember -  two all day passes at $4.50 each = $9.00 ) was  more than the cost to both of them traveling together in one vehicle  (charging the IRS allotted mileage of   $.55 per mile).
I believe the RTA should fashion a new “two for one” , or “two for three or four” fare schedule for groups of travelers traveling together to and from the same destination at the same time.   
Both my friends would have been able to enter the GCRTA rail system inbound from the same station at the same time, would have transferred at Terminal Tower at the same time , and would have exited at the same time from the same station.  
The RTA should recognize that they are not financially competitive with private passenger cars (if more than one person travels to the same location simultaneously), and adapt their fare schedule in an attempt to capture those travelers who would use the RTA - but for the fact that it is less costly for a group to travel in a private passenger vehicle.
Since the RTA is not operating at, or near, capacity, paired passengers would impose no additional cost on the RTA, the RTA system and public safety would benefit from exposure to these additional travelers, and global carbon loading from fossil fuel auto emissions would be reduced.
And they didn't explore RIDE THE WIND either....
The photo shows what appeared to me (and my camera) to be an all white work gang group on Sunday April 19, 2009 between Shaker Square and Martin Luther King Blvd.


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Rates and schedules non-competitive ...

I have noticed that RTA's rates are non-competitve.

This must be intentional?!

They also planned to have the Rapid closed for maintenance the two weekends of the  Cleveland International Film festival and on St. Patrick's Day -- when it was sunny and about 75 degrees, the best weather I can ever remember on March 17th -- they did not run enough trains to accommodate many of the people who wanted to take the Rapid to the parade. The trains I saw were dangerously over loaded as they passed by packed Rapid stops filled with good intentioned people (who may have wanted to avoid drinking and driving). St. Patricks Day and the Film Festival would have been perfect opportunities for RTA to win over new riders if they offered good service (or service at all). 

How dumb can RTA executives be? The "powers that be" really don't want public transportation here do they? For one, public transportation reduces parking ticket revenues -- the only growth industry I see in Cleveland right now.

Bue and Green lines

  Are scheduled to be closed on the Sat/Sun this month...they are running shuttle buses...for repair work...kind of kills the idea of going downtown for functions and dinner...

I know that maintenance is important, but RTA's planning is terrible.  You folks know I am a regular rider...overall, I really wish more people would use RTA, but it's getting harder and harder to convince folks to do so.