I've Been Told By A Confidant Of East Cleveland Mayor Brewer To Watch Out For Retaliation

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/28/2009 - 11:40.

At around 5 PM, on September 23, 2009, WKYC Channel 3 news reported "shocking and disturbing photos, allegedly of incumbent Mayor Eric Brewer, are being circulated in the community, The Investigator Tom Meyer has learned." Photographs that appear to be East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer in woman's clothes, some that are pornographic, have apparently been circulating in East Cleveland for over a year - reportedly many years - and been broadly published by the mainstream media since the 23rd.

On the 24th, I was called by one of the mayor's confidants and told to watch out for retaliation. It seems that Mayor Brewer told the confidant he thinks I distributed the pictures of the mayor. I am not the only person being targeted by such paranoid delusions.

To set the record straight, and attempt to avoid harm to my family for something that is not our responsibility, I feel it is appropriate to make public the fact I did not distribute these photographs to the media, and was not involved in any political agenda to cause the mayor harm, if one has existed.

That the mayor apparently suspects me of being involved in dirty politics indicates the Mayor has significant other problems, and I am deeply offended.

Mayor Brewer officiated my marriage to my wife, and seemed a friend, at one time. He initially claimed to be supportive of my family moving to East Cleveland and my work planning to better the economy for the community, in collaboration with many area stakeholders, like the Williams family.

I was always very publicly supportive of Mayor Brewer. until his actions and recent words have proved he has been undeserving of my support. I have learned, from the mayor's actions, words, and from discussions with many of his confidants, that he does not support me, my family, and our efforts in East Cleveland, and has not for a very long time.

I guess all those years when the Mayor has refused to truly support redevelopment of the Star Neighborhood - he hasn't attended one planning session, of dozens held there - and all my phone calls to the Mayor that were not answered or returned, should have given me a clue the Mayor has been against me. But, I tend to look for the best in all people, and gave Mayor Brewer the benefits of all my doubts.

I stopped wondering why the Mayor seemed against me and my collaborators, several months ago, when the Mayor agreed to meet with me with the Williams (owners of the Hough/Star Bakeries Complex and other significant property and businesses in the region), in a last effort to discuss with him our plans to help East Cleveland, and the only strategic vision he promoted to advance the economy in East Cleveland was to help a private company build a $500 million coal-fired powerplant, for University Circle, Incorporated stakeholders, to be located in East Cleveland. It seems the only people who may benefit from this are insiders to the deal, rather than citizens of the community, who will be poisoned by the plant.

While photos of a Mayor in ladies' underwear may be sensational, to the easily amused, plans to build a coal-fired powerplant are scandalous, for the enlightened. In Northeast Ohio, there are no signs of enlightenment.

Knowing the Mayor has serious plans to destroy the community further, by building a powerplant at our gateway to University Circle, I started investigating the Mayor and his plans, months ago, and it was not difficult to learn about the photographs of the Mayor, that were released to the media last week... many, many people knew about the photographs, many months ago.

The "mainstream" media had them back then, and years before, as reported by Carl Monday, now of Channel 19 News.

I wonder who in the "business world" has had the photographs, or known about them, too, and for how long, as such photos may be used by bad people for blackmail... like to support polluting and building powerplants.

I did not ask for copies of the photographs, ever.

I did not take any actions to cause the Mayor harm.

Instead, I have focused my time on analyzing the Mayor's current plans for East Cleveland, to the extent they are at all public, and identifying his real supporters, which seem to be rooted around the powerplant, in University Circle, Inc., and with The Cleveland Foundation.

My investigation has brought my attention to the harm that is caused to residents of East Cleveland by an existing coal-fired power plant owned by a private company in University Circle, MMCO, that it most likely the enterprise planning to build a new plant in our community. Land has already been purchased, in East Cleveland, for $2 million, for this purpose, according to the Mayor.

I am far more concerned about such pornographic, cross-dressing urban planning by the most "respected" executives in our community than the supposed pornographic, cross-dressing images of a small-city politician.

The day that the photographs of Mayor Brewer were released to the public, by the media, a set of printouts of these photographs were left at my house, in East Cleveland, and I knew they were about to be disclosed... they were now public property, and most likely they were being withheld by the media, for some reason.

I did not distribute the photographs, still, but I did contact Cleveland Plain Dealer City Hall reporter Henry Gomez about their existence, and whether the PD was withholding information about Mayor Brewer, along with other concerns about the performance of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I have not heard back from the PD, regarding any of my inquiry... the PD is that way:


Are you familiar with the attached photos? They are Mayor Brewer, apparently taken by his own hand. There are many more, far worse, and they were left at my house and I'm sure I'm far from alone - I have no idea where they came from, and I'm not distributing them for your publication - I'm inquiring if the PD is aware of this and if it is being withheld. I do not intend to publish them myself. That is not my job in the community. Professionals are supposed to be on top of these things.

Also, do you think anyone there is seriously interested in the Ronnie (sp. Randie) Winston case, as I know his father well and he would like to see his son treated honestly and fairly, which Phillip Morris has not... http://realneo.us/content/randie-winston-who-shot-postal-carrier-daniel-kondas-lost-son-good-friend-mine

Never heard from Schultz or Egger on the other matter.

Does it occur to you the PD behaves in a very anti-trust way in the new economy, not being open, communicative and collaborative with others in our virtual community - especially ones as innovative as real.coop. Your upgrades still don't address your failures.

We do.


I'm far more interested in anti-trust at the Plain Dealer, and in pollution and social injustice in unreal NEO, than in any reasons the public may think they have for not trusting Mayor Brewer. Most of the public still doesn't know half the dirty truth about what is happening in East Cleveland.

Tomorrow, we shall see if the residents of East Cleveland believe Brewer should remain Mayor of East Cleveland, based on what they do know about the Mayor and his plans.

Whether he should win or lose, the fight for the public health and welfare of East Cleveland residents has barely begun, and Mayor Brewer has proved to me he does not to care about that, no matter what his public appearances may suggest.

We are on opposite parties, when it comes to exposing the public to the real pollution contaminating East Cleveland, and I am truly sorry for that.

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Thank you Mayor Brewer - Congratulations Gary Norton

Thank you Mayor Eric Brewer for your hard work and success as Mayor of East Cleveland. I wish you continued great success in life.

Congratulations Council President Gary Norton for your election as Mayor of East Cleveland, for the next term. You have your work cut out for you - I believe you will do great things for our city.

Our election is over. Once again, it is a new day in East Cleveland.


New Day

  I hope that there is new blood and some real change in our local, state and federal government.  I am tired of corporate control of America. 

Mansfield Frazier put a nice spin on the recent elections predicting that the Obama Effect will transform the face of politics in America. 

It can't happen fast enough for me.

wOw - a turning point for East Cleveland....!

I still say I don't know what all the hoopdala was about Brewer's xdressing... his make-up was welldone - not over the top like many do, and those panties were fetching. Seriously - one of the most tasteful xdressers I've seen.

And you know  - it really is SEXIST to make it scandal. women xdress all the time and its not seen as anything other than what it is - a preference for dress seen as only appropriate for one gender by the majority of society.

making xdressing scandalous is idiotic.

anyway - best of luck with the transition in East Clev!

It didn't seem to help or hurt him in polls

I followed the poll results and he had a bout the same percentage of absentee votes as votes on election day, so it doesn't seem he got a bounce or was hurt by the media.

He hasn't said it was him, either. I think that is the bigger concern... openness with citizens.

If he is supportive of progressive lifestyles, I wish he had been public about that for the last three years so East Cleveland could have benefited economically from that - I don't think anyone here has a problem with the idea of an openly progressive mayor. We do have problems with mayors who keep things hidden from the public, or even seem to have something to hide, as they handle our tax money and control our environment, and we expect complete openness.

My concern is the history of the plannng of our forthcoming powerplant, with University Circle Inc., et. al.

Disrupt IT

hey -

maybe he saw the numbers and HE released the photos - thinking they would have some kind of rebound affect...

I'm not being sarcastic with my post, btw...

and East Cleveland is a pivotal and fundamental element of greater cleveland... I wish more people would see that. I know you do , Norm.