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As Cleveland continues to self destruct on the one year anniversary of Ed Hauser’s heart attack,  I should be digging into why Adam Wasserman took a years pay to leave the Cuyahoga Cleveland Port Authority.  
Ed would have known why, because Ed went to all the Port Authority meetings.  
So Michael Wager is removed as the head of the Board a few months ago, then the planning director ($130K per year) leaves, now Mr. Wasserman.
John Carney knows why, because he has been in all the secret (spelled “executive”) sessions.   
And Mr. Carney knows that by using our money, the taxpayers’ money, he can pay off each departing employee, claim no open meeting law requirements apply because the discussion is about hiring or firing, and buy and maintain silence.  
 With our money. 
Is this absurd?
Independence Excavating has sued the Port (and others) for about $34,000,000, (case 1:2009cv02114 Northern District of Ohio) with one of the claims being that the Port reneged on bonding the dump-poisoned City View Mall.
Wonder if that has anything to do with Mr. Wasserman’s departure?
But researching this takes time. Arranging interviews with those involved takes time.
So instead, tonight, I will avoid all that and instead put up an old Cleveland sign.  A sign which now hangs on the brick wall of a vacant Cleveland “video” night club.
The term pentimento isn’t quite correct to describe what I find is one of the most attractive aspects of the blue-green background of the neon sign: the weathering of the paint has brought out the path of the brush strokes which the sign painter’s hand took decades ago.  This isn’t patina either – though the brush strokes are the result of weathering.  
The depth of history which the worn sign face now shows makes the sign much more attractive than it was when it was new.  
What’s the name for that?



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Good question !?

The depth of history which the worn sign face now shows makes the sign much more attractive than it was when it was new.  
What’s the name for that?

The light hitting an object...just so...being at the exact time and place to witness it...so many experiences to capture :)  Thanks-- JB.

 Are you aware that the

 Are you aware that the Jack's sign used to hang at 105th and Euclid?

Moving Jacks sign

Hello Codger, thanks for the history - any idea when it was moved?  Who was Jack? I will go check out 105 and Euclid and see what is there now.   best, jeffb

 It was a gay bar on the

 It was a gay bar on the south east side of Euclid  east of 105th across the street from the Cabin Club.

Don't remember when but they leveled the whole area.   Jack was only the name.  The club was owned by Joe and Estelle.  Whoever has the sign now probably got it

from salvage.

 Oops. It was on the NORTH


It was on the NORTH east side about half way between 105th and 106th streets.


Is a shuttered bar on Cedar Ave.  I saw it today. 

More folks should travel the "forgotten" Triangle slated for the Opportunity-for-rich-folks-corridor...lots of people live there.