Jerasoft Development warns about pirate Billbery VoIP billing version offered by fraud dealers

Submitted by AlexM on Sat, 05/22/2010 - 16:40.

Jerasoft Development, the leading VoIP billing software developer, warns that fraud third party companies have been spreading pirate beta-version of Billbery 3.0.5. The Beta software is pre-release version, issued by Jerasoft Development for testing but wasn't intended for sales or distribution. VoIP providers who are buying Billbery at low cost from the fraud dealers, are likely to get problems when trial period of beta version expires in the nearest future.

The company notifies that only official partners have legal rights to resale BillBery, nobody else has a permission to spread Billbery beta software. JeraSoft Development has no responsibility for beta billing software, offered by the fraud dealers as a licensed product. Moreover, cracked Billbery has functional and trial period limitations, so Jerasoft Development strongly recommends that all customers should contact their support center and check their license authenticity.

"Pay attention and don't buy Billbery from fraud third party companies despite lower price - this is not a good deal. Firstly, illegal BillBery distribution is prosecuted by the law. You can always find our official dealers list on our website to know exactly what you are buying. Fraud dealers usually contact you from free mail services like gmail, hotmail, aol, etc. and suddenly disappear when you perform a payment", - Jerasoft's representative Alex Miller said. - "And secondly, we've got great offers with free migration program and variety of cheap support packages, so buying pirated and limited Billbery without support and any guarantees will always cost you more in the end."

Jerasoft Development is one of the world famous developers and integrators of VoIP billing solutions of the highest level and quality. BillBery 3.0.5 billing platform created by JeraSoft Development possesses the high production level and errors resistance, and also supports dynamic routing on wide spectrum of gateways. JeraSoft offers methods of management of Mobile Number Portability, which allow VoIP providers to release any MNP billing scenarios without losing their edge in provisioning of more common services.

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