judge angela stokes and cleveland plain dealer - institutional racisim - an open letter

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angela as you recall - when your uncle carl stokes - our hero - was suing the cleveland plain dealer for libel-slander - many years ago -

i contacted carl as he was adminisrative judge for cleveland municipal court and told carl i have a tape recording of a plain dealer reporter telling me that carl is one of the jokes of the city room as the reporters laugh about carl being an alcoholic and a shop lifter and being crazy etc. -

i happen to call the city desk for a story that i had and i normaly tape recorded such things - and as the reporter and me were chatting we got on the subject of carl - and the rest is history -

carl requested i bring the tape recording to his court office and i said i will transcribe it and make a sworn affidavit and bring both to him - which i did -

and just to comment about carl - i rarly met a human being as  quiet and peacefull and i felt a lot better with my self as i felt a transfer of some of carls essence -

a short time later the plain dealer settled the lawsuit with carl - i was told because of my affidavit and tape and he had a good case -

so angela the institutional racisim didn't work aganist carl and it won't work aganist you - keep up the good fight and if theres any thing i can do to help -

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes needs to step down: editorial


eternal thanks - cheers - sophia, service canine and guy templeton black


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