Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 02/15/2007 - 13:12.


The big snowstorm on Valentine's day got the better of my blogging yesterday, so I post this little emblematic virtual smooch for my Valentine Martha a day late...pardon girl!   Now we don't want to get too syrupy here on REALNEO, so to get back to business – but to follow on in the warm and friendly Valentine’s Day spirit and to celebrate grappling our REALNEO domains back to earth – Martha and I  invite anyone and everyone who has posted on REALNEO (ever) to a  face to face for afternoon coffee and cookies the weekend of Feb 24 -25.   Other local bloggers are also very welcome to partake.   The location and time will be posted on the Realneo Homepage in a day or two and all who are interested will be asked to RSVP so there will be enough cookies.  Bring your wifi laptops, so we can share each person’s posting tech skills with the others.


 For example, a week or so ago Cleveland Public Library posted to the homepage (photo of a dark haired gal) here with an image on the left side and text wrapping the image on the right side.  This takes inserting a table first, and then inserting an image in one cell of the table and text in the other cell.  I tried this but can’t make it happen.  Our homepage would be more compact and dynamic if we all knew this trick.  Maybe Cleve Pub will post the steps here? 


Anyway, stay tuned for specific time and place.  Looking forward to seeing you!

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