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You have to feel for restaurant owners in Cleveland. They pay through the nose for water and sewer usage service, property taxes, etc. Now, City Council is allowing clown cars (food trucks) to drive around the city and steal their business and has outlawed certain ingredients. Next, council members are going after sugar-filled sodas.


In the near future, residents should watch their mail for notices from the Cleveland Politburo of where and when all good comrades are to report for mandatory morning exercises. Widescreen monitors will broadcast Comrade Joe "Slim" Cimperman's calisthenics and loyalty retraining videos.

Bo Temniuk, Put-in-Bay


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....and Coffee Houses....

to sober you up after you've blown all your money in those funny joints....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

nice picture

really no words needed.  The picture says it all.

Well, maybe one word is needed doofus.

Soon Summer will be here... load your birdshot for them yuppies!


And all the fine, upstanding, "better then the rest of the world" inhumane profiteers from the less than desirable- "quotas" will prance around the Tremont venues, smugly sneering at the world beneath them....

I say all the hillbillies should put on their bib overalls and sit on their front porches, sipping lemonade,  with their shot guns out in plain sight old fashioned style....just waiting for them sophisticated folks to piss or puick in their lawns from all that good Tremont eating! I say cap them in the butts with birdshot when you catch them with their pants down! Send a message that there is ZERO tolerance for stepping on lawns, stumbling on fences, or leaving their lunch littered on people's property....

OOPS..that's illegal, we can't do this idea...darn it! Alright, guess that means we'll all have to eat their crap instead.... nothing new though! Yummy delights in eating SHIT from those beautiful, educated, folks....who snub their nose at the results of their effectuations through COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT! 

Move over Bacon (QUOTAS)....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"