June 2013 expenses for Realneo

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 06/30/2013 - 19:36.

Every 6 months the Realneo Post Office box is re-upped for $30.00 ($60.00 annually).  That just happened.

The monthly server cost is $29.95.

Due to some of the get the ugly truth out content on Realneo, Admin was advised by one of it's tech advisors to increase the back up strength for all the Realneo files.   That has been done to the tune of another $7.50 per month.  Now Realneo has automatic, redundant daily back ups.   Realneo is now like  Hydra - with multiple heads.   Cool. 

By the end of July, the Realneo.org url will be renewed - for about $20.

Just sayin....

Thanks everyone for the earnest, original, civic centric, shoot for the moon content!


Jeff for Admin and Tech. 

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" Get the Ugly Truth Out"

I just paid my dues for the extra back up strength that I caused.

 It is what it is.

 Thanks Jeff  :)



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Very Welcome - got your back is what it's all about

Yes Lily, perceptive, it is the Cuyahoga "Thieving Community" Frangos/Rokakis content which caught the eye of the Realneo tech support folks.   They thought the content  potent.   Could be repercussions.   Repercussions are all good.   If you are prepped.

That's the back office job of Realneo Admin.   Stay out ahead of repercussions.   Admin takes it seriously.  

Looks like Edward Snowden has his back office folks pretty well organized too.  That's good. 

Creating change isn't like falling off a log.

Thanks Realneo Community for your financial support.


Jeff for Admin

PS   BTW   Nothing really urgent here.   Real.Coop still has a couple of hundred residing in that electronic vault.  Just letting the community know what's going on in the background of the day to day Realneo.    Doing the dishes so to speak.





we donated $30.00 - keep reminding us to donate

sophia honey yoga and guy -

REALNEO preserving content

Thanks Jeff - will stop by and drop some dough in the account. Meanwhile, I hope that older content is also being saved in a readable format.  I know

that digital storage is an oxymoron.  I hope some magnificent techie type out there (Craig Newmark?) would possibly consider getting the content here preserved in a format that will always be there.  I am glad that the Cleveland Public Library microfilms the Plain Press. Microfilm is still the standard. 

Here is an example of content - that I know many want to disappear - Norm Roulet calling out the need for federal investigation in 2007:



And speaking of preservation:

June Fund Drive now Officially CLOSED

 Thanks to Guy, Lily, and LMcshane Realneo has reached it's goal.   

So folks, that's it, no further donations will be needed. Hat tip for your financial help.   

BTW, in support of total transparency, if any donor would like to view the Real.coop bank account and anonymized donor account info, I will be pleased to meet with them for a show and tell.  Just send me an email to arrange a date and place.   


Jeff for Admin

Thank you everyone....

My apologies for not being online to participate...Thanks be to God for you ALL!!! 


Always appreciatively-DLH


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"