Lamb Cake - something I had never heard of 'til today

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 03/28/2013 - 17:23.

 A friend of mine asked me what I was doing for Easter.

I mentioned I was headed to a friend's house for a big meal with a bunch of other mutual friends.  

He asked me if we were going to have "lamb cake".

Huh? I said.  "What the heck are your talking about?". 

"You know, a cake shaped like a lamb".   

"Never heard of it", I said.  


How embarrassing.   Not the cognoscenti I hoped I was.  

It turns out that my friend has a Griswald cast iron 2 piece lamb cake mold - and he volunteered to lend it  to me for Easter.  He told me to use shaved dry coconut for the wool...

Stay tuned for Easter lamb cake images!

The book page image above is from page 672 of the eighth printing of Joy of Cooking, August, 1977.  You can see more images of lamb cake molds here at Google images.



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