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There are some sane voices around. Better we listen to them or wait another 40 years for some kind of health care reform. Listen to the sane voices for a change.


Read Paul Krugman’s take on the health care bill today.

What is it about people, even well-meaning,  that they jump all over Democrats – who are at least trying to pass a bill – and leave the Republican, or as I like to call them the Repugnant Party, alone and happy with their obstructionist policies.


It’s a disgrace that EVERY Repugnant is voting NO on health care and other matters. It’s obstructionist to the nth degree.


We’re also getting a terrible example of how the main stream media work in the reporting about the health bill.


Please read my post lower down which links to two articles that have some sanity in their assessments of the health bill, even without a public option.


Allowing this opportunity to pass will set us back decades and allow the wealthy to laugh at our fighting among ourselves.


It’s not about President Barack Obama, as some try to position it. It’s about getting direly needed health care to people who need it. Please read Krugman. He tells you why.


Here’s Krugman blog today:


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