Live Music

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Live Music

It's not easy to go out on a snowy night in Cleveland, but if you make the effort there is magic to be had:

Senegalese master musician Abdou Mboup at AJ Rocco's Saturday, Jan 14, 2012.
Backed by a Cleveland Allstar cast, featuring: Guitarist Jacob Fader (Mifune,Kokolo), Keyboardist Ras T. Dubflex ( Dubflex International, The Meditations, The Asante Groove Project, etc), Bassist Rodney Reynolds ( Dubflex International) and master drummer Neil Chastain (Kokolo).






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Abdou Mboup - Master Griot at Nighttown and CCPL

Senegalese Griot Abdou Mboup is in town and you can catch him tomorrow night at Nighttown
and at these Cuyahoga County Public Library locations.  This is a rare opportunity to see a master musician.

I learned many cool things about percussion instruments and the tradition of story telling with drums.  
Many thanks to Cuyahoga County Public Library  for supporting this important cultural literacy.  

This is a great show for kids, which is why the library is a great venue, but also don't miss out on his show at Nighttown!

This Week at Nighttown

3/19 Tues   Gabriel Alegría Afro-Peruvian Sextet     7PM     $20.

3/20 Wed    Wolff-Clark Expedition featuring Jeff Berlin    7PM    $20.

3/21 Thurs   El Barrio’s 5th Annual Taste Latino    6PM   
3/22 Fri       Stanley Jordan     8 & 10PM    $20.  

3/23 Sat      Ken Peplowski     8:30PM     $25.

3/24 Sun     Debaneise Byrd     4PM    $25 includes dinner

3/24 Sun     Abdou Mboup      7:30PM    $10.

12387 Cedar Road (top of Cedar Hill)

Cleveland Heights, OH

Tickets/reservations 216-795-0550

Map to Nighttown