Cleveland is SCRAP Marathon Gas Station on Route to Demolition

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 21:11.

This triangular shaped Marathon Gas Station in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the most iconic gas stations in America - soon to be demolished in the ODOT inner belt bridge scheme. 

The pumps are pulled, it is getting ready for the ball. Who will measure it up and record it for history?

Maybe someone who appreciates it's uniqueness would want to dismantle the station and move it out to Route 66 in Alamogordo, NM!   I will bet there they would appreciate it and benefit from the tourists who would visit to see it. 

Not Cleveland.

Demolishing our heritage feels good here. Yup. Brilliant, Landmarks Commission!  When this station is gone, European manufacturing companies will be enticed to move to Cleveland, Ronn Richards and Joe Roman told me so.   Right.  And Prosecutor Bill Mason, after consulting with Steve Litt about this site, is working right now on a deal with Bulgaria.

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Today on Carnegie Ave.: small office building cordoned off

South side of Carnegie Ave. just west of E. 105th St.: small office building about to head out. Landfill or recycle? Or combo?

I used to work there.

For a few weeks in my early 20s I painted a medical office in this building on the south side of Carnegie Ave.  It was operated by my next door neighbor in Cleveland Heights, Dr. Tony. One member of his staff, a lab tech from Alabama, told entertaining stories while I rolled and dapped paint.

Everywhere you look.

These days so much is being leveled its difficult to keep track. I often hear houses being demolished in my neighborhood a few streets away. Its the same by the Clinic, UH, Case, etc. The gas station is quite a loss though. It is so small I would think it would be worth moving, to somone, somewhere.

Every day--a small business dies

  These demolitions are mainly occurring along "commercial" corridors--I recently spoke to a local property owner on a heavily trafficked state route--she bought the properties, but had no idea how horrible commercial tax rates are in the City of Cleveland.  The taxes are killing her business and she will leave. This is another untold story in NEO.

Where are they burying history?

Thanks for the header Jeff and for posting this reminder that every day in this town--our administrators are burying our history. 

Where is all of this landfilled?  Who is getting these demolition contracts?  I think if our media answered these two simple questions--we would root out the REAL evil in this town.

This property and the Broadway Mills could have been saved

This property and the Broadway Mills could have been saved - the bridge and trench planning is a disgrace, and has been from day one - total losers

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