Martin Juredine, Owner of The Barking Spider, Has Passed On - Rest in Peace to the End of a Great Era

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 02/03/2011 - 15:20.

Martin Juredine Facebook Photo
Martin Juredine, from his Facebook Profile

My favorite bar, music club and local hang-out in Northeast Ohio (perhaps the world!!!) has always been The Barking Spider, because the owner Martin was always so friendly and cool, making his the coolest place in town. Musicians loved to perform there and be part of the vibe, which was generated by as diverse a crowd as any meeting place could attract - multiracial, diverse, and all ages, including kids. Some of my favorite local musicians played there regularly. I use the past tense, as I was saddened to learn Martin passed on yesterday, February 2, 2011, after a long illness. Even as The Spider lives on, it will never be the same. All those great tunes and times.

I know many realNEO readers knew and loved Martin and The Spider, as well, and will miss Martin's great presence in the place he made so great for so many years - University Circle and Cleveland will never be the same.

Here's a great tribute to the Barking Spider bathroom from MaryBeth Matthews, on realNEO:

The Barking Spider Tavern has been a popular Cleveland watering hole since 1986. Cold pitchers of draft beer and free entertainment make it a favorite of the Case Western Reserve University crowd who are, for the most part, a rather brainy clientele. It is just this combination of alcohol, intellect, and creativity, that brings me to the subject of my post. Add a magic marker to that trifecta, and what you get are the most intriguing restrooms I have ever needed to spend time in.

Bathroom at The Barking Spider

So... what is a "barking spider"?

You think Martin was saying something important to the establishment, all those years.

No doubt.

Love you Martin... keep us in your aura, and enjoy the afterlife!

George Foley and Claes Roulet enjoying an afternoon of music at the Barking Spider

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it's so sad to see someone you care about pass on , in your "public" world...and not only do you miss them, you SEE change in the "life of the place".  My deepest condolences.

Martin: the provider ! ! !


I'm going to miss Martin. He provided what may have been the best opportunity for many Cleveland musicians to start off. Many miss you Martin! You also provided financial support for more than one of my causes! I couldn't have done it without you Martin!!!


Wish we could have visited the Barking Spider and

experienced the great spirit of Mr. Martin Juredine... Our prayers go out to his family and friends! May his spirit live on through fond memories like yours above! 

11310 Juniper Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44106


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Barking Spider and Martin

  Martin will always be the standard for compassion and caring.  A wonderful man--I lived in University Circle in my twenties, and the Barking Spider is a great place to be forever young. 

I hope that it is possible for his legacy to be remembered and that the Barking Spider will carry on.  It's an authentic place--it hasn't been franchised and corporatized.  I really hope that his daughter will find a way to carry on the spirit of the place.  I only wish it was possible to have one more hug. 


Martin's posse

When I lived on Hessler street I gained a real appreciation for the role of Martin in the neighborhood - he kept quite a few of my neighbors sane.

Last time I talked to Martin, which was pretty recently, he said he had a long term agreement on the Barking Spider property, so I assume his family can carry on - The Spider will live on... his presence will still be felt, down there at the end of the bar.

His friends are surely family friends.

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What IS a "Barking Spider"?

 I do believe it is quaint British for a fart.  Hence the guy I always thought was a young Daniel Thompson is tipping over on his stool by the force of flatulence.


That's cool Urban lingo about the Barking Spider! Thanks for sharing...

 We had always said,  "THERE'S A BEAR IN THE WOODS!" The kids will love this new 'cliche'.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"