MEDCON acknowledges it is a failure - even before it opens

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 07/15/2013 - 15:31.

 Lots of little indicators tell the public that the MEDCON is a failure for the citizens of Cuyahoga County.

First, the spin doctors changed the name from MEDCON to Global Center for Medical Technology and Conferences in DownCleveland.

Second, the Fitz and the It is What it Is whiz announced that there was so much money coming in from the .25% Cuyahoga County convention center sales tax a 600 bed county owned hotel will be built next to the Medcon.   (not a peep from the present down town hotel owners who will lose bed revenue)

Third, Steve Litt is in constant prostitute mode for Joe Roman and the GCP and the MEDCON  - must bring in hard cash to the Dirty Dealer and Steve.

By the time we realize it, Leaveland will be Detroit under Mr. Orr - a billion underwater, selling CPP, cutting off salaries for Council persons, and hoping to cash in on the Ratner's casino revenues 

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