Metrohealth, Towpath and insanity of letting someone like Mitch Schneider sit on Metrohealth board

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 " Is his the third (?) campus proposal? It is lost on me and I live here. The "towpath" connector now thrown in to the mix does not have to eliminate the Elizabeth Severance Prentiss Center - pedestrians and bikes already use the back route to connect via I-90 over pass to Tremont and Steelyard. The article states:

"Boutros said the hospital system would work with its neighbors, the city and private developers through its recently established nonprofit CCH Development Corp. to encourage development at Villa Hispana and elsewhere."

Who compromises the board of this new CDC and who is funding it? I am all for green space and park development, but this new design smells like Ohio Canal Corridor aka Canalway Partners aka Tim Donovan back dealing.

The Brooklyn Centre neighborhood has suffered from false promises of development since the 90s. It would help Metrohealth to stop the bad YMCA deal from happening at Pearl and Selzer. Dr. Boutros has hinted at a hotel development. A hotel would make more sense w/the YMCA property now held by the County Land Bank. But, this is Cleveland and economic development is an oxymoron here."

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What is CCH ??


Honorable Councilwoman,
I do want this to be recorded in the official transcript of City of Cleveland communications. I learned last night that Cleveland Police plan to relocate the Second District headquarters from Fulton to West 25th St. across from the planned Arts complex in the Astrup building.
I don't know why the previous council person and his CDO Metro West kept this is a secret, but I hope to learn more in the Ward 14 newsletter. The move of the Cleveland Arts Museum community engagement offices from the Columbus Rd. location to what is being called Campo 25 also needs to be reported.  
While this news is very encouraging, at the same time, as a resident it is extremely frustrating that anything good in the way of development is kept a secret. I sincerely hope your office will be open and transparent in all communications regarding the development along West 25th and the Metrohealth expansion.
If this is a project of the "new" Metrohealth CDC, and not Metro West, please clarify.
Thank you and good luck in what must be a strange transition.
Laura McShane