Metroparks has Good $ense to kill Canalways Stage One - but still the last leg of Towpath is ridiculously $$ expensive

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 02/11/2017 - 09:08.

 I attended an update meeting for the Towpath Trail held at the Cleveland Metroparks on February 7th, 2017 at the Ohio and Erie Canalway Center. The meeting was a bit of an upset as new trail completion stages for the "Towpath Trail" extension to downtown were released.

The tentative start dates for each segment are as follows:

  • Stage One - Old Harvard trailhead to Steelyard - 2019
  • Stage Two - Steelyard -completed
  • Stage Three - Steelyard to Clark Field and to Tremont - February 2017
  • Stage Four - Tremont to Canal Basin Park - partially complete - finishing in Spring 2018

The most important aspect, to me, of this announcement- would be that the Canalway Partners have scrapped the insane Harshaw Chemical route plan proposal for a much saner alternative using the right-of-way along Old Harvard and Jennings Rd.

Also revealed - Stage Four Canal Basin Park - will be completely reconfigured. Stage Three also needs a very complicated alignment to skirt the lead and PAH contamination found at Clark Field.

Metroparks investing in future of Euclid

Metroparks will submit CMAQ application for Euclid Creek Greenway -there is a board meeting tomorrow 5/4/2017

I have to say that Board Directors do try to spread their attention across the county - it is always worth attending the board meetings and tracking their agendas. Eric Jonathan Brewer park planning determines financial investment in our neighborhoods- the Metroparks is also our greatest community asset - helping residents to recreate. Fishing, cycling, kayaking are all healthy ways to connect people, parks and our water resources.

My deleted comment RE: Stage Three towpath printed as LTTE

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