Mosaic "blankets" on concrete benches

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/24/2009 - 11:25.
Mosaic "blankets" on concrete benches

The fluid, fabric like effect of these mosaic covered concrete benches is attested to by the fact that I drove past them twice and thought that the mosaics were curing blankets placed over the concrete benches to keep in moisture while the concrete set.

 The multi bench installation is under construction now at a new community center on E116th on the inbound side of Shaker Boulevard.  

Anyone know the artist/installer?image jeff buster 11.09

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Anyone taking credit??

My guess JB, would be that Angelica Pozo would know or Cleveland Public Art would know...but let's see if you can get a response...

Pozo 1994 ceramic Central Market vignette

Here is an image from the Pozo web site of a public bench/planter.   Are these still extent?   I haven't seen them.

These "produce market" images remind me of similar vegetables on the facade of an Italian produce market (recently demolished) off of Woodland.  I will look through my images to find ones of the Italian business. 

Like a dope, I didn't stop and speak with the mosaic contractor when I saw them working on the E116 benches.   I thought they were just covering fresh concrete with colorful blankets!   Dope!