Murray Energy confirms Obama's clean energy advocacy is NOT A SHAM

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 16:29.

stop the war on coal fire obama murray energy corp lawn sign who created this sign

One way to know if the words out of politician's mouths are sincere, or spin, is to listen to what the affected industry says.

Murray Energy, in front of its local NEO corporate offices, has a number of lawn signs which read "Stop the war on Coal - FIRE OBAMA"

This sign - being placed in the public eye by Murray Energy, a 30 million ton a year hi-sulfer bituminous coal producer, is encouraging. 

The sign tells me that President Obama is not talking from both sides of his mouth - Mr. Obama is truly disliked by the high sulfer bituminous coal producers.  

That's good.

That's confirmation that Obama is not spinning the story between his public constiuents and the corporate coal lobby.

And thank you Murray Energy, and Mr. Robert E. Murray for having the strength of character to put your opinion out on the curb.  Although I am negative on coal, I am positive on your honest expression. 


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Mr. Murray should dismiss his libel complaint

 I was doing a little more reading in the Wikipedia report on Murray Energy Corporation and Robert E Murray, principal, and was surprised to learn that Mr. Murray, though as a youth a tough coal miner himself, has become a bit thin skinned. 

Mr. Murray and his company filed a libel suit against the Charleston Gazette, a West Virginia newspaper, and against the paper's environmental reporter Ken Ward Jr. - purportedly for naming Mr. Murray a "coal criminal" in Mr. Ward's Coal Tatoo blog.   Read more at WFPL (NPR) Louisville.

Mr. Murray's libel complaint - which I have read on-line - claims that Mr. Murray has not put himself in the public eye, is merely a normal private citizen, and therefore has reason to expect his privacy.


 For Murray Energy and Mr. Murray to claim that they have not put themselves into the public debate over coal, and into the political debate (Murray hosted Mitt Romney at one of the Murray mines) over the direction the country should take on global warming, is disengenous.

The image above shows the context of two (there were at least 3 on the lawn next to Chagrin Road) of the "Stop the War on Coal - FIRE OBAMA" signs directly in front of the Murray Energy Corporation offices at 29325 Chagrin Road.

It isn't very sportsman like for Mr. Murray to clearly be in the public eye by:    

1. hosting presidental candidate Mr. Romney,

2. mandating - apparantly without paying their hourly wage - Murray miners to attend the Romney event in an effort to improve his business and  

3. posting pro-coal, anti Obama political signs in public view directly in front of the Murray Energy offices

and then crying foul and suing a newspaper when a reporter publishes a different viewpoint.

Mr. Murray, your shoulders are broader than this, you should dismiss your libel complaint.

Romney is NOT political

Just kidding. Your post makes incredible sense; so much so that it will pass over the head of Mr. Murray.

where can we get some of these signs? daughter asked me why these signs are not all over Cleveland like they are all over Appalachia today? I tried explaining the industry in Appalachia to her. Such an intriguing political topic for a ten year old...



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Appalachian coal

It is the industry pushing the political signs and rallies. This must be very hard to explain to a child when many of the adults also don't get it.
My area of Appalachia specialized in moonshine and atomic materials. Seems rather insignificant compared to the ongoing damage of coal to our lives.

Mitt Romney stands with coal

The sign on a podium for Romney at an event today read "Mitt Romney  I stand for coal".

RE: Where can you get Pro Coal Fire Obama Sign?

 Hello AngelnWard14,

I looked closely at the image of the sign and it does not appear to have any info re: who sponsored the sign.

Maybe you could Google the sign text, click on the "Images" search result, and find another similar sign which credits the organization which produces the sign.   I did a little searching but was not able to come up with a author.   

I would explain to someone interested in obtaining one of the signs that the unwillingness of anyone to take ownership of the creation of the sign is a message to the public in itself.