My Tax Plan: Increase INCOME DISPARITY To increase JOBS!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 10/25/2011 - 19:14.

 My Tax Plan:

To increase JOBS!
Since income disparity creates jobs, and there are a lot of people out of work right now,  it should be clear to all that  the obvious solution is that American needs more income disparity immediately.   
We all recall that the Bush Administration proved that decreasing taxes on the richest , increased employment in the United States.
Employment increased so much during the Bush years as a direct result of the rich getting richer that America had to allow millions of alien workers into the United States without visas or pass ports because there was no one to work at the chicken slaughter houses, or mow laws in urban American Cities, or to do the roofing in the new subdivision developments for which Countywide was providing all the mortgages.  
There was just too much work to be done by Americans  alone - under Bush – as a direct result of high income disparity.
BUT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH DISPARITY  IN AMERICA TODAY – so lot’s of poor Americans are hanging around at home, or in a park somewhere, or in a vacant building – waiting for their entitlements to arrive. America should be embarrassed because the solution is so simple.
My tax plan isn’t 9-9-9 like Cain, nor is it 20% or keep the old code like Perry, and it isn’t something mondane like 1,2,3,4…
I'll explain my FAIR tax plan.  It's simple:
American has about 325 million citizens.   (We will get a real close number from the Census)
Under my tax plan we will rank every citizen by wealth.  
Then we will divide the total USA today population of 325,000,000 into percent so that if you add up every individual in America the total will be 100%. 
That means that every individual citizen in the United States is .0000003076923076923077% of the entire American  population.  
That’s a simple equation and easy to remember.   Easier than 9-9-9 or 20/20 (vision?) for sure.
OK, so since what the tax code needs to encourage and reward is wealth, we will start at the top with a FAIR tax percentage and work one citizen at a time responsibly down to the bottom where there will be a very fair 100% tax.
For example:   Someone like Warren Buffet will be ranked Number 1 nationally as the wealthiest, richest American, and someone like ….probably someone living in a homeless shelter…will be  Ranked Number 325,000,000.
Warren Buffet will pay as his FAIR tax .0000003076923076923077% if his total income, and the poorest citizen guy sleeping on the park bench will pay 100% times .0000003076923076923077% of his income.   It is a sliding scale, with the richest paying their fair percent and the poorest paying a fair 100%.  
Here is the beauty of this system: The system is EXTREMELY PROGRESSIVE!
Warren Buffet will  pay his fair share because Warren makes about $15,000,000,000  (that's 15 BILLION) a year.   
$15,000,000,000 times a tax rate of  .0000003076923076923077% is $4615.384615384615.
Compare this $4,600 Which Warren MUST PAY with the much lower tax amount paid by the homeless guy on the bench who has a declared annual panhandling income of under $100.00.   
We all know that 100% of $100.00 is only  $100.00 –
SO the HOMELESS GUY WILL ONLY BE LIABLE FOR less than 1/46tth of the amount of federal tax which Warren Buffet pays. 
If that isn’t progressive and fair then I don’t know what would be.  
Mr. Buffet will retain almost the entire $15,000,000,000 that HE EARNED and use it to create jobs.  
Left without government meddling, and without the EPA, OSHA, FBI, NASA, Census, and every other federal interference, Mr. Buffet will very soon have the homeless guy off the park bench and managing a division of Berkshire Hathaway. 
You can count on this PLAN.  It is proven.
I call it the tax .0000003076923076923077% FAIR plan because we are all individuals and all responsible for the welfare of the whole, the 100%.  
And I pledge to you that you can take my tax plan TO THE BANK!
You can Vote for me right now because has it's very own early primary.   
Just DO IT!
 Poll is on lower left of home page.
(Concealed Carry OK while you vote) 
Thank's for being a TRUE American!


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